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Top 3 Parkway Drive Tracks:

The River
Idols and Anchors
Home Is For The Heartless

Parkway Drive Albums

I Killed the Prom Queen / Parkway Drive: Split CD
  • Homicide Documentaries (I Killed the Prom Queen)
  • Death Certificate Of A Beauty Queen (I Killed the Prom Queen)
  • I Watched (Parkway Drive)
  • Swallowing Razorblades (Parkway Drive)
  • 16:03
Don't Close Your Eyes
  • ... (taken from the movie The End of Evangelion)
  • Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
  • Dead Dreams
  • Flesh, Bone and Weakness
  • The Cruise
  • You're Over
  • Looks Like Yoda
  • Don't Close Your Eyes
  • 26:19

Parkway Drive Members

  • Winston McCall

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Cheap Parkway Drive Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$27.00 Parkway Drive — 11/30/2015
Cains Ballroom; Tulsa, OK
$31.00 Parkway Drive — 11/24/2015
The Tabernacle; Atlanta, GA
$32.00 Parkway Drive — 11/23/2015
House of Blues Orlando; Orlando, FL
$32.00 Parkway Drive — 11/21/2015
The Fillmore Silver Spring; Silver Spring, MD
$33.00 Parkway Drive — 11/19/2015
House of Blues Cleveland; Cleveland, OH
$33.00 Parkway Drive — 11/28/2015
Aztec Theater; San Antonio, TX
$33.00 Parkway Drive — 11/17/2015
The Fillmore Philadelphia; Philadelphia, PA
$33.00 Parkway Drive — 10/15/2016
House of Blues New Orleans; New Orleans, LA
$35.00 Parkway Drive — 10/05/2016
Playstation Theater; New York, NY
$36.00 Parkway Drive — 11/20/2015
Bogart's; Cincinnati, OH

Best and Most Expensive Parkway Drive Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$144.00Parkway Drive — 11/14/2015
The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza; New York, NY
$140.00Louder Than Life Music Festival — 10/02/2016
Champions Park; Louisville, KY
$132.00Parkway Drive — 11/18/2015
Altar Bar; Pittsburgh, PA
$102.00Parkway Drive — 10/31/2015
Ace of Spades; Sacramento, CA
$83.00Parkway Drive — 11/01/2015
Hawthorne Theatre; Portland, OR
$67.00Parkway Drive — 12/02/2015
Murray Theater; Murray, UT
$66.00Parkway Drive — 11/02/2015
El Corazon; Seattle, WA
$57.00Parkway Drive — 11/27/2015
House of Blues Houston; Houston, TX
$50.00Parkway Drive — 11/08/2015
Cabooze; Minneapolis, MN
$50.0089.7 The River's Rockfest — 05/13/2016
Westfair Amphitheater; Council Bluffs, IA