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Known as the preeminent grunge rock band of the past few decades, Pearl Jam was very much the fortunate result of very unfortunate events. The band features Eddie Vedder as the lead vocals, Mike McCready and Stone Gossard as guitar, Jeff Ament as bass, along with Matt Cameron as drums and Boom Gaspar as piano.

Pearl Jam is the evolution of bands that broke up. Gossard and Ament were part of Green River, who left the group after disputes over musical style and direction. Along with Andrew Wood, the trio formed Mother Love Bone. However, just before the release of their first album, Wood died from a heroin overdose.

This led to the end of Mother Love Bone. But the remaining two members continued writing and playing. Gossard also met McCready, whose band, Shadow, had also broken up. This new group then sent a demo to Jack Irons, a former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who referred them to Vedder. The core of the band was formed; Veddar quickly joined the the three afterwards.

This band originally named themselves Mookie Blaylock, after the basketball player, playing their first show in 1990. After signing a deal with Epic Records, they renamed themselves Pearl Jam and established themselves in the Seattle music scene.

In 1991, Pearl Jam released Ten, again after Mookie Blaylock, whose jersey number was ten. They recorded in the London Bridge Studios. Ten was not an immediate success, but would read the top of the Billboard charts by the end of 1992. It remains on of the top selling rock records ever.

Along with Nirvana and Soundgarden, Pearl Jam was part of the larger Seattle grunge movement. Yet it was not universally accepted. Indeed, the press, as well as other bands like Nirvana criticized Pearl Jam for their lack of authenticity. Yet this was no deterrent for the continued success of Pearl Jam. The band continued to tour and perform their hit album, and eventually played in Saturday Night Live and Lollapalooza.

Like many alternative bands, Pearl Jam became disillusioned by its own success, refusing to produce more music videos. The band also faced pressure to release another album with the same expectations of success. In 1993, the band released Vs. and did meet those commercial expectations.

Afterwards, the band decided to scale down, reducing the number of press engagements it undertook as well as other commercialization efforts. The band set a limit for prices for its Vs. tour. It continued its fight to set ticket prices, particularly against Ticketmaster, which charged service fees, effectively removing the benefits of Pearl Jam’s price limits. This battle would continue due to Ticketmaster’s relationships with performance venues, forcing Pearl Jam to perform in makeshift or obscure venues.

Despite the band’s popularity, Pearl Jam’s tour succumbed to the pressures placed on them by Ticketmaster. The battle reached a pitch after the Department of Justice investigated Ticketmaster, leading to Pearl Jam testifying before Congress. This battle would continue indefinitely. The band continued to boycott Ticketmaster while using a loophole allowing the band to perform charity events.

Although the Department of Justice dropped its investigation into Ticketmaster, Pearl Jam continued its fight, delaying the release of their next album. The band released Vitalogy in the end of 1994 to similar success as their previous albums. Yet with their continuing boycott of Ticketmaster, Pearl Jam had difficulties playing in America and experienced infighting during the ordeal, especially because no other performers joined in their boycott.

Pearl Jam underwent a stylistic change with the release of No Code in 1996, which featured more experimental music. Tensions within the band calmed after this release, and the band was able to release Yield in 1998. Again, the band went back to its rock roots with this album. But because of the Ticketmaster debacle, the band struggled. It toured mostly Europe, where Ticketmaster was less prevalent, as well as obscure American venues. With its lawsuit against Ticketmaster going nowhere, Pearl Jam succumbed and began using Ticketmaster once again.

With its dispute with Ticketmaster over, Pearl Jam was able to go on a full scale tour for Yield. Afterwards in 2000, the band released Binaural, the first of its albums to reach limited success. The European tour for Binaural also ended in tragedy. Nine fans were crushed and suffocated to death towards the end of the band’s tour.

Reflecting on this tragedy, Pearl Jam released Riot Act in 2002. After their tour for this album, Pearl Jam did not renew its contract with Epic Records. Instead, it partnered with Amazon to release the single “Man of the Hour,” which was used in the film Big Fish.

In 2006, Pearl Jam signed a deal with J Records, releasing the album Pearl Jam shortly afterwards, which featured the band’s earlier sound. Again, the band toured with this album, going to Europe for the first time since its earlier incident. In 2009, the band released Backspacer and did not renew its relationship with J Brands. Instead, the band released Backspacer under Monkeywrench Records, its own label. In 2013, Pearl Jam released Lightning Bolt. In 2015, the album won a Grammy for Best Recording Package.

Pearl Jam will likely continue its music, continuing to experiment with new styles and then returning to its rock roots. And along with this, its political activism as well as its retreat from rampant commercialization of music.

Top 3 Pearl Jam Tracks:

Yellow Ledbetter
Better Man

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