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Top 3 Pet Shop Boys Tracks:

West End Girls
The Last to Die

Pet Shop Boys Albums

  • For Your Own Good
  • Closer to Heaven
  • I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More
  • Happiness Is an Option
  • You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
  • Vampires
  • Radiophonic
  • The Only One
  • Boy Strange
  • In Denial (with Kylie Minogue)
  • New York City Boy
  • Footsteps
  • Love etc. (Tennant, Lowe, Brian Higgins, Miranda Cooper, Tim Powell, Owen Parker)
  • All Over the World (Tennant, Lowe, with an uncredited sample by Tchaikovsky)
  • Beautiful People
  • Did You See Me Coming?
  • Vulnerable
  • More Than a Dream (Tennant, Lowe, Cooper, Higgins, Jason Resch, Kieran Jones)
  • Building a Wall
  • King of Rome
  • Pandemonium
  • The Way It Used to Be (Tennant, Lowe, Cooper, Higgins, Nick Coler)
  • Legacy
  • Leaving
  • Invisible
  • Winner
  • Your Early Stuff
  • A Face Like That
  • Breathing Space
  • Ego Music
  • Hold On (George Frideric Handel, Tennant, Lowe)
  • Give It a Go
  • Memory of the Future
  • Everything Means Something
  • Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin
  • Axis
  • Bolshy
  • Love Is a Bourgeois Construct (Tennant, Lowe, Henry Purcell)
  • Fluorescent
  • Inside a Dream
  • The Last to Die (Bruce Springsteen)
  • Shouting in the Evening
  • Thursday (featuring Example) (Tennant, Lowe, Elliot Gleave)
  • Vocal

Pet Shop Boys Members

  • Neil Tennant
  • Chris Lowe

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$43.00 Pet Shop Boys — 11/09/2016
Orpheum Theatre - MA; Boston, MA
$52.00 Pet Shop Boys — 10/22/2016
The Complex; Salt Lake City, UT
$53.00 Pet Shop Boys — 11/14/2016
Atlanta Symphony Hall; Atlanta, GA
$55.00 Pet Shop Boys — 11/05/2016
Civic Opera House; Chicago, IL
$56.00 Pet Shop Boys — 11/16/2016
Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater; Miami Beach, FL
$57.00 Pet Shop Boys — 10/21/2016
The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV
$58.00 Pet Shop Boys — 11/12/2016
The Theater at Madison Square Garden; New York, NY
$61.00 Pet Shop Boys — 10/28/2016
Fox Theatre Oakland; Oakland, CA
$61.00 Pet Shop Boys — 11/15/2016
Mahaffey Theater; Saint Petersburg, FL
$64.00 Pet Shop Boys — 10/25/2016
Keller Auditorium; Portland, OR

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$340.00Pet Shop Boys — 11/10/2016
The Community Theatre at Mayo Center of the Performing Arts; Morristown, NJ
$160.00Pet Shop Boys — 11/01/2016
Dell Hall - Long Center for the Performing Arts; Austin, TX
$126.00Pet Shop Boys — 11/11/2016
Warner Theatre; Washington, DC
$117.00Pet Shop Boys — 11/04/2016
Tennessee Performing Arts Center Andrew Jackson Hall; Nashville, TN
$112.00Pet Shop Boys — 11/06/2016
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts; Toronto, ON
$98.00Pet Shop Boys — 11/02/2016
White Oak Music Hall; Houston, TX
$91.00Pet Shop Boys — 10/24/2016
Queen Elizabeth Theatre (Vancouver); Vancouver, BC
$69.00Pet Shop Boys — 10/27/2016
Fox Theatre Oakland; Oakland, CA
$68.00Pet Shop Boys — 10/29/2016
Microsoft Theater; Los Angeles, CA
$64.00Pet Shop Boys — 10/25/2016
Keller Auditorium; Portland, OR