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Few bands can boost and large and as loyal a fan following as Phish. Since they emerged from Vermont in the 1980s, Phish’s freewheeling long-form jams and legendary live shows have won a massive fan base and influenced a generation of musicians. Phish tickets are passports to the best live show in music: the band has a unique connection with their legions of fans, and their extended jams reach epic proportions on stage.

Phish’s great live shows and dedicated fans have remained constant over the band’s long history, which goes all the way back to the early 1980s. Phish was formed at the University of Vermont, where the four founding members – guitarist Trey Anastasio, guitarist Jeff Holdsworth, bassist Mike Gordon, and drummer Jon Fishman – met as students. The group got its start playing Grateful Dead covers in 1983, a fitting start for a band that would later inherit the mantle of the world’s most important jam band (later, the band would try to distance themselves from their famous forerunners – before embracing the comparisons again after the band reached its full maturity).

In its earliest years, Phish’s lineup was somewhat fluid – a far cry from the consistent lineup that has defined the band for the last thirty years. Percussionist Marc Daubert joined in 1984, but quit in 1985. Keyboardist Page McConnell came on board in 1985, and Holdsworth left the group in 1986. Holdsworth’s departure, however, was the last change in the band’s lineup: throughout their rise and through their modern performances, Phish has featured the foursome of Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, and McConnell. The interplay between these four musicians is the foundation of Phish’s appeal.

In 1986, Anastasio and Fishman transferred colleges and began attending Goddard College, a small school in rural Vermont. There, they and the band worked on a series of cassette tapes, including the now-famous White Tape. The band also worked on recordings for Anastasio’s senior thesis, a multimedia project that included a Phish record called The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday.

After graduating, the band members became even more focused on their craft. The foursome recorded for hours on end and eventually self-released the double album Junta (1989) as a cassette. The album would later get a full CD release in the early 1990s.

The band’s recorded catalog was growing, but more importantly, the legend of their insane live shows was spreading. Phish’s fans loved the live shows, which included unique and interactive experiences. Among other things, Phish shows included an interactive jam using beach balls – each member of the band would toss out a ball and play one note whenever the ball made contact with a fan. Other bands played for fans – Phish played with them.

And nothing got between Phish fans and their band. When a Boston rock club owner refused to book the band, the group rented out the entire club – and played a sold-out show to fans that had trekked all the way down to Massachusetts to see them. The incredible demand for Phish tickets, not Phish albums, was what brought the group to the attention of major labels. Lawn Boy (1990), the band’s second album, proved to be their last independent release: they were signed by Elektra Records in 1991. Their first major-label effort, 1992’s A Picture of Nectar, soon followed. Phish had made it to the big time.

The band released three albums in three years after their major label deal was signed: following A Picture of Nectar, they produced Rift (1993) and Hoist (1994). Then, in 1995, the band released their first official live album. A Live One (1995) was the first Phish album to go gold, a sure sign of the band’s live appeal. In addition to the official release, Phish’s open taping policy made it easy for fans to get their hands on live Phish material through tape trading and online downloads.

Despite their relentless touring and legendary live shows, the band did not neglect the recording studio. They continued to release album after album of new studio material. Their first studio album after A Live One was Billy Breathes (1996), perhaps their most iconic studio effort. It included the single “Free,” which performed well on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks and Mainstream Rock Tracks charts. In addition to their dedicated base of jam band fans, Phish were beginning to reach other audiences and achieve crossover success.

Billy Breathes was followed by Slip, Stitch and Pass (1997), The Story of the Ghost (1998), The Siket Dish (1999), and Farmhouse (2000). But the band’s constant touring and recording had worn them out: in 2000, they went on hiatus.

The group’s first hiatus was short-lived. They returned in 2002 with Round Room and toured for a couple more years before announcing an official retirement in 2004. Their “last” album, Undermind, came out that year, and they played their final pre-retirement show in Vermont.

Phish’s “retirement” lasted four years. In 2008, they made their big return. Joy (2008) was the group’s first studio album since Undermind, and it reunited the band with the producer of Billy Breathes. Fans and critics loved the new album, and Phish’s return to touring was a welcome relief for their dedicated army of fans. For the first time since 2004, Phish tickets were on sale again – and fans rushed to get their hands on them.

Since their 2008 return, Phish has regained their position as the preeminent live act in music. Their legendary New Years Eve and Halloween shows are once again annual events, and they’ve released a massive amount of live material through CD releases and digital downloads. The band still boasts the same lineup that was finalized in 1986, and the jams are still epic. The individual members now have solo careers and side projects, but the group has still found time to record – their latest studio effort, Fuego, came out in 2014.

Today, Phish tickets are in as high demand as ever. The group that started in a Vermont college has reached legendary status, but they still connect with their audiences on a personal level. A Phish show is a communal, interactive experience – and one that keeps fans coming back again and again.

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Chalk Dust Torture

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$12.00 Phish — 12/31/2014
AmericanAirlines Arena; Miami, FL
$15.00 Phish — 06/22/2016
Xcel Energy Center; Saint Paul, MN
$17.00 Phish — 06/24/2016
Wrigley Field; Chicago, IL
$17.00 Phish — 07/29/2015
Verizon Theatre At Grand Prairie; Grand Prairie, TX
$21.00 Phish — 06/25/2016
Wrigley Field; Chicago, IL
$21.00 Phish — 07/28/2015
Austin360 Amphitheater; Austin, TX
$28.00 Phish — 07/01/2016
Saratoga Performing Arts Center; Saratoga Springs, NY
$39.00 Phish — 08/02/2015
Tuscaloosa Amphitheater; Tuscaloosa, AL
$40.00 Phish — 07/16/2016
Gorge Amphitheatre; George, WA
$42.00 Phish — 07/09/2016
Xfinity Theatre; Hartford, CT

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$5,074.00Phish Weekend Package 2 - 3 Day Pass — 07/28/2017
Madison Square Garden; New York, NY
$1,179.00Phish - 13 Day Pass — 07/21/2017
Madison Square Garden; New York, NY
$863.00Phish - 4 Day Pass — 12/28/2017
Madison Square Garden; New York, NY
$697.00Phish - 3 Day Pass — 09/01/2017
Dicks Sporting Goods Park; Commerce City, CO
$583.00Phish — 07/29/2017
Madison Square Garden; New York, NY
$567.00Phish - 3 Day Pass — 09/02/2016
Dicks Sporting Goods Park; Commerce City, CO
$539.00Phish — 01/02/2016
Madison Square Garden; New York, NY
$498.00Phish - 4 Day Pass — 10/28/2016
MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, NV
$454.00Phish - 3 Day Pass — 09/04/2015
Dicks Sporting Goods Park; Commerce City, CO
$413.00Phish — 08/05/2017
Madison Square Garden; New York, NY