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The Pixies are one of the most influential alternative rock bands of all time. Their rise to fame in the late 1980s changed music forever, influencing a generation of alternative rock and indie acts. The Pixies’ unique blend of hard rock, noise pop, and other influences can be heard echoing in the work of some of the most important bands of the 1990s and 2000s.

But the Pixies themselves weren’t around in the late 1990s and early 2000s to compete with the generation of bands that they influenced. By then, the band split up under messy circumstances. They stayed out of the spotlight for a decade, letting a generation of bands they’d influenced take over the music scene. When the finally reunited in 2004, it caused a sensation. Today, Pixies tickets are available again, and the band is putting out new material. That’s a cause for celebration in the alternative rock community, where the Pixies may have sometimes been absent, but were never forgotten.

The Pixies’ journey began when Black Francis (whose birth name is Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV, and who also went by Frank Black for a time) met fellow musician Joey Santiago. The two shared a suite in a dorm at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Both were musicians, and they began jamming together. After Black Francis dropped out of the school, the two worked out of an old warehouse, writing and performing original music. It was the earliest form of the band that would change rock and roll.

The two put an ad in the paper looking for a bass guitarist, and Kim Deal answered the call. On the suggestion of Deal’s husband, the group added David Lovering on drums. It was 1986, and the original lineup of the Pixies was complete.

The fledgling band started playing in bars and other small venues around their native Boston, Massachusetts. After meeting a producer at one of their shows, the band put together a demo called “The Purple Tape” and gained a manager. They signed with the label 4AD and released a mini-LP, Come on Pilgrim, in 1987. The short release drew immediate praise and raised the anticipation for their debut album.

The band released their first full-length album, Surfer Rosa, in 1988. Critics loved Surfer Rosa , and so did fans. From the start, the Pixies were critical darlings and made a generation of music fans want to pick up guitars and start their own band.

The Pixies followed Surfer Rosa with Doolittle (1989), perhaps the band’s most enduring album. Doolittle featured a cleaner sound than Surfer Rosa, but it preserved the band’s trademark mix of styles. Along with the noise rock influences of Surfer Rosa, Doolittle brought in blends of other diverse genres. Even jangly pop influences made an appearance, particularly on “Here Comes Your Man,” a uniquely catchy and accessible track for the experimental band.

Following their breakout, the Pixies toured relentlessly. They gave thousands of fans their first chances to buy Pixies tickets, but they also wore themselves out. Tensions in the group were high, particularly between frontman Black Francis and bassist Kim Deal. The group went on hiatus in late 1989, just two albums into their career.

The Pixies got down to business again in 1990. They primarily recorded Bossanova (1990) in Los Angeles, and three of the band’s members moved there. Only Kim Deal refused to switch coasts. Bossanova, like the band’s first two albums, was given rave reviews from critics. And, like the Pixies’ prior albums, Bossanova challenged assumptions about the band: the band moved in a surf-pop direction for the record.

The rawer, more abrasive Pixies sound returned in 1991’s Trompe Le Monde, the band’s fourth studio effort. The Pixies scored their fourth critical and commercial success in as many tries with Trompe Le Monde. Unfortunately, the album would prove to be the Pixies’ last before a messy breakup.

After touring 1992, the band went on hiatus again. Tensions between Black Francis and Kim Deal were at a breaking point, and the band couldn’t work together. In 1993, Black Francis declared the band dead for good in an interview. He embarked on a fairly successful solo career and worked with a new band called Black Francis and the Catholics, but his new projects couldn’t overshadow with work with the Pixies.

Pixies fans were treated to compilation albums, live albums, and radio recording releases over the next few years, but they had to live without studio albums. While the Pixies remained broken up, the younger acts that they had influenced began to take over music.

Then, in 2004, the Pixies finally returned. They went on a reunion tour in 2004, giving fans their first chance to buy Pixies tickets in more than a decade. The tour was a massive success, and led to a prolonged reunion and the release of new studio material. The band released new songs, though they would wait another decade before releasing another studio effort.

Throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s, the band continued to tour and release bits and pieces of original material. In 2013, Kim Deal split from the band. Deal’s departure came on better terms than the 1990s breakup, and the Pixies have invited her back as her schedule allows. Deal was briefly replaced by Kim Shattuck in 2013. Paz Lenchantin took over bass duties in 2014 and has been with the band ever since.

In 2014, the Pixies finally released a fourth studio album. Indie Cindy received favorable reviews, and the Pixies took off touring again to support their first album in more than 20 years.

Today, the Pixies have reclaimed their rightful place as one of the most important bands on the planet. After their prolonged breakup, the re-emerged in a new musical world that their own influence had helped create. But while the Pixies influenced this generation of bands, they’re also a part of the modern music scene. Pixies albums and Pixies tickets are still hot sellers, and the band continues to innovate and evolve. The Pixies are an institution, but they’re also still in their prime.

Top 3 Pixies Tracks:

Hang Wire
Where Is My Mind?
Here Comes Your Man

Pixies Members

  • Black Francis
  • David Lovering
  • Joey Santiago
  • Paz Lenchantin

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$9.00 Pixies — 05/11/2015
North Charleston Coliseum; Charleston, SC
$10.00 Pixies — 05/27/2015
Beacon Theatre; New York, NY
$17.00 Pixies — 09/23/2017
Stone Pony; Asbury Park, NJ
$19.00 Pixies — 09/29/2017
Massey Hall; Toronto, ON
$24.00 Pixies — 12/07/2017
Fox Theatre Oakland; Oakland, CA
$26.00 Pixies — 05/12/2015
Ovens Auditorium; Charlotte, NC
$26.00 Pixies — 12/09/2017
Uptown Theatre Napa; Napa, CA
$27.00 Pixies with John Grant — 05/15/2015
Louisville Palace; Louisville, KY
$30.00 Pixies — 10/21/2017
The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV
$30.00 Robert Plant — 06/09/2015
Meadow Brook Music Festival; Rochester Hills, MI

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$168.00Pixies — 05/19/2015
The Rapids Theatre; Niagara Falls, NY
$148.00Pixies with Mitski — 10/17/2017
Boulder Theater; Boulder, CO
$122.00Pixies — 10/07/2014
TCU Place; Saskatoon, SK
$121.00Pixies — 05/05/2015
The Civic Theatre; New Orleans, LA
$117.00Pixies — 05/03/2015
Washington Mutual Stage - Sunfest; West Palm Beach, FL
$108.00Pixies — 10/05/2014
MacEwan Hall; Calgary, AB
$104.00Sunfest Music Festival — 05/03/2015
Washington Mutual Stage - Sunfest; West Palm Beach, FL
$101.00Pixies — 10/06/2014
Shaw Conference Centre; Edmonton, AB
$95.00Pixies — 12/04/2017
Queen Elizabeth Theatre (Vancouver); Vancouver, BC
$88.00Pixies with Whitney — 12/13/2017
Hollywood Palladium; Hollywood, CA