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Rukkus can help! Rukkus has been collecting ticket price data for thousands of events for the past couple of years. If you’re interested in writing a story that involves price trends for past or upcoming events, Rukkus can help in the form of data tables, graphs and charts. Let us know what you’re looking for at


George Papas
I use Rukkus all the time to get my ticket....they are definitely one of the best in the industry. I ordered my tickets and within minutes I recieved them. Definitely will use again.
Gina Cho
Great app! I ordered my tickets and within 5 minutes received a call from a member of their FanOps team. I was given an amazing upgrade. I will definitely tell all my friends. You have a life long customer :)
Joanna Smith
Love this company! Both the app and website are super user friendly, and when I've compared Rukkus v StubHub, I've found Rukkus to be cheaper every time. On one of my orders I needed to add an additional ticket, I called their customer service line and they were able to help me out. Those guys rock!
Tina Ruediger
My Husband and I found this site looking for tickets to see a play, we just moved to Florida and wanted to get out. Going to see a play is one of our favorite things to do. The process was so simple, I am not one to write a review but we love this site. The prices were so cheap and the staff there did everything they could to help us out and make sure we were completely satisfied with our tickets. We will definitely be coming back and using them to purchase tickets in the future.
John O'Donovan
Fantastic App! I use it consistently. Whether I'm heading to a concert or going to a Rangers or Yankees game, it never disappoints. It's such an easy and smooth way to get tickets.
Jennifer Moore
I've used Rukkus on several occasions. Their app and website never fail to provide me with a seamless ticket buying experience. Their tickets are cheap and their customer service is stellar. So glad I found this app!
Travis Lydon
This app is amazing! Rukkus seems to have the lowest ticket prices without all the fees! It's also nice to see someone in the ticketing realm that cares about design, the clean user interfaces really make the user experience that much more enjoyable.
Mark Ginsburg
Love this site so much I have it bookmarked. Found super cheap broadway tickets to finally see Book of Mormon and got the tickets really quickly. Will definitely be coming back.
Jake Sharpless
I bought tickets through the app for the Red Sox/Yankees game a few hours before the game. There were a ton of seats available for me to pick and the tickets were actually cheaper than the face value. I will definitely be using Rukkus again for sports/concerts.
Purshotam Bhan
It was extremely easy to buy Chicago the musical tickets via their Iphone app. Will be using it again.
Matthew Zaffina
Clean&Simple The app is self is clean and simple to use, without too many features.But hey,who needs all those disturbing extras.It serves its purpose without any competitors in the same area. I particularly like music preview for the concert events and the nice quality of the images all around.
Andrew Nasrinpay
I used this website to buy Book of Mormon tickets. It is the easiest way to buy tickets period
"The Rukkus platform for purchasing tickets is so efficient! They have every ticket available that you can think of and it's sleek look allows for easy use. I love Rukkus and can't wait to grab tkts for the next show!"
"Best place for tickets. Lowest prices, great selection and unbelievable service. Android app very convenient too."
"The entire purchase process was seamless. I quickly and easily purchased/received my tickets to the game. No issues at all. I will definitely use this service again. "
"Great service, easy to use and I can find tickets not listed on other ticketing services. Very useful."
I've used rukkus multiple times for rangers games and broadway tickets here in NYC. It worked really well each time and the process was easy enough. Hopefully they have tickets for all of the outdoor shows this summer in New York.
Rukkus is awesome! I've used them multiple times for hard to get tickets at cheaper prices than other sites (aka stubhub). Always great customer service too! I have recommended Rukkus to friends and they have all had great experiences as well
As an avid ticket buyer, Rukkus is by far my new favorite ticket site. The prices are competitive, there are NO FEES, and I love that you can see the seating chart for every event. Super easy transaction. Will use Rukkus again... and again...
The Rukkus app for IOS is quick and easy to use. Cheapest tickets you will find! I highly recommend checking them out before buying elsewhere
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It was ridiculously easy to purchase my tickets with this app. Could not have had a better experience.
I use Rukkus consistently and it never disappoints. I'm out often in NYC and use it whether I'm heading to a concert or going to a Rangers or Yankees game. It's such an easy, smooth way to get tickets.
I went to the St. Louis Cardinal's Baseball game, and I had the MOST AMAZING SEATS EVER! I got such an awesome seal on them! I loved my experience with them! They even called me and gave me a FREE UPGRADE! I couldn't hardly believe it! I felt so lucky to have found them as a company that you can totally 100% TRUST
Using Rukkus was a great experience. Good prices and very easy to use.
Super convenient and easy experience. This was the first site I checked and it held up as being the cheapest. Also a great alternative if you want to support a smaller company rather than one of the giant ticket resellers
I had a fantastic experience using Rukkus! The app worked seamlessly and it was so easy to use. Hands-down the best and most trustworthy ticket platform out there!!
I've never found ticket buying to be easy. Every time it feels like I'm being ripped off or otherwise taken advantage of. Finally, however, I've found a company that it feels like I can trust. After using their incredible seating charts to find and buy tickets, I received an email with a link to my seats instantly. And the craziest part, I didn't even have to print them out! I was able to just show my phone to the venue to get in the game. Definitely recommend this company. Stellar product, superb customer service
Katie Jenkins
Had a great time thanks to Oliver and the Rukkus team. Not only did I get the best priced tickets online, I was able to see exactly where I was sitting on their map down to the row level, and they even had a seat view. Would highly recommend and will be using them again
We purchased tickets to a football game from Rukkus. They were fast, helpful, and found us tickets for a great price. We would definitely use them again
Joanna Gumbley
Beautiful design, easy to use The user interface is seamless. One of the best things about this is that it features tickets for a range of entertainment, including theatre and sports. Highly recommended.
Светлин Маринов
It was about time Very useful. It was about time someone would make such app!
Nathaniel LaRow
Great app, smooth flow! Didn't end up buying any tickets but this app works well, flows well and is very well organized. You won't be disappointed!
Cheri Jordan
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Charmette Adam
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Gustavo Belisario
Nice app! Very useful and simple to use, and it has a friendly interface! I'm looking forward to exploring more of this app =)
Angelo Andre
Simple to use and very functional Just like the title states, simple and functional. Love the fact that once you login you are displayed with a ton of available activities in your area. A few clicks later you are purchasing your tickets and on your way to a great event.
Lyubomir Atanasov
Clean&Simple The app is self is clean and simple to use, without too many features.But hey,who needs all those disturbing extras.It serves its purpose without any competitors in the same area. I particularly like music preview for the concert events and the nice quality of the images all around.
Renan Cadaval
Direct Beautiful app, with a great idea. Hopefully it will get expanded to other countries/regions.
Ajakster Ajak
Extremely useful app I have always wanted an easy to use app for booking concerts and have finally found one.
Laura Wiggins
Fantastic App! Loved this app! It was really straightforward and simple to use for people who might not be as tech savvy. The graphics were stylish and it had a wide range of events to choose from with secure payment methods. 5 Star!! :)
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Not too shabby I've tried a bunch of ticket apps, but I found the best deals for sports on this one. $10 for a ball game? I'm sold.
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I love the UI and the over all use It's very close to that materialistic design. So smooth and user friendly does exactly what it say it will do. Awesome