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Two teams that have a divisional rivalry always provide great games for fans watching. Franchises like the Rangers and Flyers always play their hardest when facing their rivals because of how much can be on the line for those games. The Rangers and Flyers both have great players like: Derek Stepan, Henrik Lundqvist, Rick Nash, Sam Gagner, Wayne Simmonds, Steve Mason and many more players that make this rivalry matchup one of the best to watch when these two teams fight for the top spot in the Metropolitan Division. And as each rivalry game goes down, Rukkus is the best ticket website that can 100% guarantee that our sports ticket prices are the best Rangers vs. Flyers tickets out there. When looking for great tickets at the lowest price, make sure to check out Rukkus online or call our concierge service to assist you in getting the best and cheapest deals on tickets to the Rangers vs. Flyers rivalry matchup. Make sure not to miss out on this great Metropolitan divisional matchup! Check out Rukkus today!

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Rivalry games in the NHL are the best games for fans to go to and watch because of the nonstop action in those games between two teams that both aspire to be the top in their division. Different teams with spectacular venues and players, gives a new and unique experience for fans when attending a great NHL rivalry matchup such as the Rangers vs. Flyers. Prices of games have increased over time due to the amount of the great players on each team, the intense rivalry between divisional opponents, and how competitive each NHL game is. Become part of the Rukkus movement and buy tickets to your favorite Rangers vs. Flyers games at Rukkus to get the best prices to these great rivalry games and much more today!

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Rangers Flyers Recent Match-ups

October 24, 2015 Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia, PA)

New York Rangers: 2 Philadelphia Flyers: 3

Tied at 2-2, the Rangers and Flyers were in a tough defensive matchup as neither team could constantly find the net. In the third period, the defenses still held strong as the game headed into overtime. And in the overtime period, same result, strong defense and no goals as the game headed into a shootout. During the shootout, the Flyers found their opening and scored a goal to win the game 3-2. The play in goal was huge for both teams in this low scoring game.

February 28, 2015 Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia, PA)

New York Rangers: 2 Philadelphia Flyers: 4

Constant scoring was the story for the Flyers when they faced off against the Rangers which had the Flyers coming away with a 4-2 win. The Flyers scored a goal in each period, including a 2 goal 3rd period. Michael Del Zotto was named the 1st star of the night in the game. Del Zotto had 1 goal in the game which put the Flyers topping their divisional rival, the New York Rangers.

November 28, 2015 Madison Square Garden (New York, NY)

New York Rangers: Philadelphia Flyers:

The Flyers are hungry for the top spot in the Metropolitan division which would put them in the playoffs. But to get to that top spot, they’ll have to go past the Rangers who have been a great team the past few years. The Rangers made it into the playoffs last season with a quality year and the Flyers were left out. This year, the Flyers will look to take it to every divisional opponent who stands in their way and the Rangers will look to keep up their winning ways. Make sure to check out this great divisional matchup between these two teams in the Metropolitan division who are both looking to take the top spot.