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Top 3 Reel Big Fish Tracks:

Sell Out
Everything Sucks

Reel Big Fish Albums

We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy
  • The Fire
  • Drinkin'
  • Don't Start a Band
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E
  • We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful (Morrissey cover)
  • Turn the Radio Off
  • Talkin' 'bout a Revolution (Tracy Chapman cover)
  • The Bad Guy
  • Story of My Life (Social Distortion cover)
  • The Joke's on Me
  • One Hit Wonderful
  • Last Show
  • Say Goodbye
  • Your Guts (I Hate 'Em) (ends at 2:06)
  • Beer (Bonus Track; Japanese release. New version of song from Turn the Radio Off)
  • Way Back (Bonus Track; Japanese release)
Monkeys for Nothin' and the Chimps for Free
  • Party Down
  • Another F.U. Song
  • Live Your Dream
  • My Imaginary Friend
  • Slow Down
  • The New Version of You
  • Will the Revolution Come?
  • Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins cover)
  • Everybody's Drunk (contains melody to Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It)
  • Please Don't Tell Her I Have a Girlfriend
Fame, Fortune and Fornication
  • Nothin' But a Good Time
  • Mama We're All Crazy Now
  • Veronica Sawyer
  • Authority Song
  • Brown Eyed Girl
  • The Long Run
  • Won't Back Down
  • Keep a Cool Head
  • Monkey Man
  • Talk Dirty to Me
  • Twist and Crawl (iTunes bonus track)
Candy Coated Fury
  • Everyone Else Is an Asshole
  • Punisher
  • She's Not the End of the World
  • Don't Let Me Down Gently (see notes 4a)
  • I Know You Too Well to Like You Anymore
  • Hiding in My Headphones
  • I Dare You to Break My Heart
  • Your Girlfriend Sucks
  • Don't Stop Skankin'
  • Famous Last Words
  • Lost Cause
  • I Love/You Suck
  • P.S. I Hate You
  • The Promise (see notes 14a)
Turn the Radio Off
  • Sell Out
  • Trendy
  • Join the Club
  • She Has a Girlfriend Now (vocals: Monique Powell of Save Ferris)
  • Snoop Dog, Baby
  • Beer
  • 241
  • Everything Sucks
  • S.R.
  • Skatanic
  • All I Want is More
  • Nothin'
  • Say 'Ten'
  • I'll Never Be...
  • Alternative, Baby
  • Cool Ending (Hidden track; begins with 2:00 silence)
Why Do They Rock So Hard?
  • Somebody Hates Me
  • Brand New Song (see notes 2a)
  • She's Famous Now
  • You Don't Know
  • The Set Up (You Need This)
  • Thank You for Not Moshing (see notes 6a)
  • I'm Cool
  • I Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Too
  • Everything Is Cool
  • Song #3 (see notes 10a)
  • Scott's a Dork
  • Big Star
  • The Kids Don't Like It
  • Down in Flames
  • We Care
  • Victory Over Peter Bones (The Legend of Alan Guile Versus Peter Bones) (see notes 16a)
  • Hungry Like the Wolf (Japanese release bonus track)

Reel Big Fish Members

  • Aaron Barrett
  • Derek Gibbs
  • Ryland Steen
  • John Christianson

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High: $191.00

Cheap Reel Big Fish Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$19.00 Reel Big Fish — 01/20/2016
House of Blues Dallas; Dallas, TX
$20.00 Sublime with Rome with The Offspring — 09/10/2017
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre; Maryland Heights, MO
$21.00 Reel Big Fish — 09/01/2015
Pops; Sauget, IL
$25.00 Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake — 06/07/2015
Lupos Heartbreak Hotel; Providence, RI
$25.00 Less Than Jake — 02/04/2015
Revolution Live; Ft Lauderdale, FL
$25.00 Reel Big Fish — 01/18/2016
House of Blues Houston; Houston, TX
$25.00 Reel Big Fish — 06/27/2017
Paramount Theatre Huntington; Huntington, NY
$26.00 Reel Big Fish — 02/15/2016
Bourbon Theatre; Lincoln, NE
$28.00 Reel Big Fish — 01/22/2016
Club LA; Destin, FL
$29.00 Reel Big Fish — 01/28/2016
Heaven Stage at Masquerade - GA; Atlanta, GA

Best and Most Expensive Reel Big Fish Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$191.00Reel Big Fish — 07/09/2017
White Oak Music Hall; Houston, TX
$190.00Reel Big Fish — 01/23/2016
High Dive; Gainesville, FL
$169.00Reel Big Fish — 02/20/2016
Cargo At CommRow; Reno, NV
$157.00Reel Big Fish — 02/07/2016
Altar Bar; Pittsburgh, PA
$116.00Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish — 01/21/2015
House of Blues Chicago; Chicago, IL
$102.00Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish — 05/14/2015
Knitting Factory Spokane; Spokane, WA
$100.00Reel Big Fish — 02/12/2015
Boulder Theater; Boulder, CO
$98.00Less Than Jake with Reel Big Fish — 05/09/2015
Ace of Spades; Sacramento, CA
$98.00Reel Big Fish — 08/22/2015
Piere's; Fort Wayne, IN
$97.00Reel Big Fish — 08/25/2015
The International; Knoxville, TN