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After an early playoff exit, the San Francisco Giants are looking to make another World Series run. The Playoffs seem to be familiar territory for the Giants and their strong roster from top to bottom that features stars like: Johnny Cueto, Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, and more. Check out the cheapest San Francisco Giants tickets on Rukkus!

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What makes AT&T Park special?

Each stadium in the MLB has its own particular icon that makes their venue unique. AT&T Park is home to one of the MLB’s most recognizable stadium features that truly separates it from any other stadium in the league. From the minute you walk into the stadium, you will notice the short distance from home plate to right field, as well as the height of the right field wall, which is twenty-­four feet tall in honor of former Giant Willie Mays who wore number 24. AT&T Park is also prominently known for its proximity to the San Francisco Bay in which behind the right­field wall lies McCovey Cove, named for famed Giants first baseman Willie McCovey. McCovey Cove is a famous feature to AT&T Park and a feature that was made famous largely in part to Barry Bonds and the large amount of homeruns he hit into the Cove during his career.

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2016 Giants Outlook

After an up and down season in 2015, the San Francisco Giants are looking to come out strong and make a run at the World Series. The Giants added starting pitcher Johnny Cueto to their rotation which will only help the talent they have on their roster which includes players like: Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Hunter Pence, and Brandon Crawford. The Giants may be a top contender in 2016.

San Francisco Giants Ticket Information

San Francisco Bay is no stranger to home runs, as stray baseballs routinely bob in the tides beyond the right field wall of AT&T Park, waiting to be snatched up by an army of kayakers. The orange and black Giants are, of course, the culprits in this clash of a storied baseball franchise and a beautiful atmosphere. Images like this define San Francisco summers, and for now, the forecast is relaxing and sunny, at least until Tim Lincecum toys with a no-hitter, no less the National League Cy Young Award. Don't miss your opportunity to snag San Francisco Giants tickets.

A San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park is one of the most fun live events you can find. Power at the plate, incredible talent, and fast-paced baseball all come standard with a trip to a Giants game. You can be a part of the terrific environment as the Giants look to build upon this franchise’s successful history. Grab your tickets to a San Francisco Giants game right away!

Led by a talented core of young ball players, the Giants boast one of the most explosive offenses in Major League Baseball. They combine their homerun-hitting power with blazing speed on the base path to score runs in bunches. The pitching staff is also full of up-and-coming ability as their development system has prospered. The thrilling baseball on display in San Francisco is something you have to see to believe. Pick up your Giants tickets now!

While the Giants dazzle with their skill on the diamond, the home crowd provides an incredible atmosphere in the stands. The intensity is palpable as the crowd noise rises with the ebb and flow of the on-field action. From the beautiful press boxes to the comfortable stadium seating, there isn’t a bad seat in the house! Homeruns often sail over the right field wall into McCovey Cove in the San Francisco Bay, where fans in canoes patiently wait to pick up their prize. Don’t miss your chance to visit this fun venue!

Fast-paced action, plenty of runs and an intense crowd atmosphere await you at AT&T Park. Baseball fans in the state of California have endeared themselves to this Giants team because of their fun style of play and tradition of success. Come join the passionate fans in orange and black as they loudly cheer on their team to another victory. Grab your San Francisco Giants tickets today!

Heart of San Francisco: A Brief History of the San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants have one of the most impressive resumes in all of MLB history. The club has won an NL record 23 Pennants, eight World Series Titles and has the more players enshrined in the Hall-of-fame than any other NL franchise. Additionally, the Giants can stake claim to being the best franchise of recent times as they have won three of the last five World Series.

Established in 1883, the club was originally known as the New York Gothams prior to changing their name to the Giants for the 1885 season. The Giants achieved success pretty quickly, winning back-to-back NL Pennants in 1888 and 1889 and the early incarnations of the World Series in both years. Middling success would follow and the team was rarely in contention, finally turning it around with the hiring of John McGraw in 1902. By 1903, McGraw would have the squad finish in 2nd place, followed by consecutive NL Pennants in 1904 and 1905. The club would boycott the ’04 World Series but go on to win the ’05 series in five games over the Philadelphia Athletics.

McGraw would guide the club through the 1932 season, winning nine NL Pennants and three World Series championships during that time. The Giants were regularly in contention – in addition to the nine pennants, the Giants would finish 2nd eleven times during the McGraw era. Blessed with stars like Christy Mathewson and Bill Terry, the Giants were a huge hit and fans would pack their home stadium of the Polo Grounds. McGraw became a part owner of the club in 1919 and would step down as Manager after the 1932 season.

McGraw had the luxury of choosing his own successor and went with Terry, who would assume the role of player-manager. Terry would continue the winning ways, capturing the 1933 NL Pennant and winning the World Series in five games over the Washington Senators. Stars included Carl Hubbell and Mel Ott and the club would continue their winning ways, taking down the NL Pennant in both 1936 and 1937, but fall in the World Series in both years. A long-overdue downswing would follow, as the Giants would fall to 3rd place in 1938 and remain out of contention until 1951.

1951 would see the arrival of Willie Mays to the Giants and MLB and he would not disappoint. Mays would go on to win the NL Rookie of the Year Award and help lead the Giants to 98 wins and a tie with the Brooklyn Dodgers. The teams would meet in a three game playoff to determine the NL representative in the World Series, a series that would come down to a decisive third game. In the ninth inning, Bobby Thomson would hit the legendary ‘shot heard round the world’ and send the Giants to the World Series vs. the cross town New York Yankees, lost by the Giants in six games. The club would return to the World Series in 1954, a four game sweep over the Cleveland Indians.

Unable to secure a new stadium to replace the crumbling Polo Grounds, the Giants began researching relocation options. In the summer of 1957, both the Dodgers and the Giants would announce their intentions to move to California for the 1958 season. Fans were devastated, New York’s era as a three-team baseball town was over. The Giants would play home games in Seals Stadium for their first two seasons in California prior to moving to Candlestick Park. The Giants were fully acclimated to their new surroundings by 1962 and responded by winning 103 games and the NL Pennant. The G-men would again meet the Yankees in the World Series, pushing it to the distance before falling in seven games.

The Boys from the Bay had plenty of talent – Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry, the Alou brothers – and would contend throughout the ‘60s but were unable to get over the hump. The club would finally take down their division in 1971 but lose the NLCS in four games to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Aging stars and some poor trades left the cupboards bare through the remainder of the 1970s, the Giants would fall out of contention and not return to the postseason until 1987.

A particularly dreadful 100 loss season in 1985 would lead to some much needed changes in the front office. Some savvy trades, development of young stars and the hiring of Manager Roger Craig would spark a turnaround and the Giants would close out the decade with two postseason appearances. The Giants would lose a seven game NLCS to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1987 before falling in a four game sweep to the Oakland A’s in the ‘Earthquake’ World Series of 1989. The club would take a step back before rebounding for a nice run to close out the old century and open the new one. From 1997 through 2004, the Giants would qualify for the postseason four times and just miss the other four times by finishing in 2nd place. The 2002 squad would make it to the World Series, losing in a heartbreaking seven games to the Anaheim Angels.

The San Francisco Giants of recent times have had remarkable success for the modern era of MLB. The team has won three of the past five World Series and does not appear ready to rest on their laurels. Manager Bruce Bochy has led the club since 2007 and fully earned his standing as one of the best Managers in franchise history with three World Series trophies on his resume. Franchise cornerstones Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey will lead the 2015 squad as they seek a return to the postseason. AT&T Park, formerly PacBell Park at the time of its 2000 opening, has drawn over 3 million fans in all but two of the seasons since its opening and is known for the spectacular views, outstanding food and awesome game day experience.

RECENT San Francisco Giants DISCUSSION

San Francisco Giants | Episode 287

Commentator: Salvador Perez, the 2-2. Giants win. A World Series win for the San Francisco Giants for the third time in the last five years, and their hero, Madison Bumgarner.

Speaker: Episode 287. San Francisco Giants. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a PhD in life through baseball? Welcome to Baseball PhD, a tour company for your brain. 30 major league teams. 100 places to see. Let’s touch them all as we make the road trip of a lifetime. It’s a beautiful day for baseball.

Ed Kasputis: Hi, I'm Ed Kasputis.

Farley Dillinger: I'm Farley Dillinger.

Mark Rantala: And I'm Mark Rantala.

Ed Kasputis: It’s time to honor last year’s world champions and welcome to Baseball PhD.

Mark Rantala: Go Giants and don’t forget to visit our website at

Ed Kasputis: For all of our listeners who use our iPhone or Android app, this episode’s bonus content will be our 2014 San Francisco Giants podcast which was episode 276 and released on August 22nd 2014. You can follow us on Twitter, our Twitter address is simple...

Mark Rantala: @BaseballPhD.

Ed Kasputis: Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast. We produce each podcast in two audio formats, enhanced podcasts with chapters and pictures for all of our listeners who use iTunes and standard mp3 podcasts for everyone else.

Mark Rantala: And never forget we love to hear from our listeners. Your ideas and feedback are important to us.

Farley Dillinger: Here we are.

Ed Kasputis: You know our first broadcast or podcast was Spring Training a little while ago. This year we will be releasing each weekly podcast every Monday. In the olden days we did it every Friday. Starting with this podcast honoring the World Champions San Francisco Giants. It seems just like yesterday I was in Kansas City, at game 6 when the Giants lost 10 to nothing, it forced the game 7, it was a love fest in Kansas City. In fact since that time the Giants have not been back to San Francisco to play. They did business in Kansas City. They won game 7 with Madison Bumgarner. We've talked about it before. Would you rather have Clayton Kershaw or Madison Bumgarner? Farley rose his head and goes no, Kershaw. You get to play him for a 162 game season. But it will be interesting if Madison Bumgarner continues to have post season magic. Let’s say he does this for a couple of more World Series before he is 30. We are going to remember him long before Kershaw, if Kershaw never makes it to a World Series, but win several Cy Young’s.

Farley Dillinger: True, all true.

Ed Kasputis: Okay.

Mark Rantala: Yeah, he will be the new Mr. October.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Mark Rantala: Yeah.

Ed Kasputis: The Reggie Jackson of pitching. Now why is San Francisco such a great place to play or to see a baseball game? Farley you’ve been to AT&T Park...

Farley Dillinger: Yes, I have.

Ed Kasputis: ...I've been to AT&T Park. Mark you’ve been to Candlestick Park.

Mark Rantala: At Canlestick, yeah I have not been to San Francisco since AT&T opened.

Ed Kasputis: Okay. Why is it so great, Farley?

Farley Dillinger: It’s just a good feeling about the place in downtown, you know and I happened to see a day game, the weather is generally you know pretty moderate there and…

Ed Kasputis: So you and I both saw a day game.

Farley Dillinger: Yeah.

Ed Kasputis: I've been there for night games too. For a day game if we were in heaven could it even be any nicer than a day game at AT&T Park assuming it's above 55 degrees.

Farley Dillinger: Yes. Well you know we haven’t seen the redone Wrigley yet, so I can’t speak to that.

Mark Rantala: Are they moving the water to Wrigley?

Ed Kasputis: Yeah you know between the water and just the way the park is laid out and then the way the city is near the park, you know there's things to do. I do think you should, you know, if you are going to be there, get a hotel close and walk or take public transportation, parking is a bit of an issue, I think.

Farley Dillinger: Take Bart.

Ed Kasputis: Yeah Bart.

Farley Dillinger: I think I got off at the Montgomery Street exit. Take Bart, don’t drive, take Bart. And you know San Francisco/Oakland, those are two cities I would just use Bart, you do not need a rental car.

Ed Kasputis: San Francisco is a pretty cool city in general though. There's just, you know, in the downtown area there is a lot to do. You can you know walk or take public transportation and it’s, I liked it. I had a very good experience there.

Mark Rantala: I’ve had nice times since San Francisco.

Ed Kasputis: No, San Francisco exceeded my expectations. Baseball PHD listeners, I am from the heartland. When I flew to San Francisco I was going to see a great ball park, but I was, I was overwhelmed by the greatness of the city. In spite of like you know how they are so left leaning and all that, it’s like why is this place so great when they are so left, it’s magnificent, isn’t it Farley? I could live in San Francisco. I probably wouldn’t want to listen to the cable access TV channel, but I could live in San Francisco. In fact I once hired a tour guide who told me that for the deep thinkers they choose San Francisco over LA. Do you think that’s an overstatement?

Farley Dillinger: Well no. I mean nobody would choose LA….

Ed Kasputis: I was, I, you know, I think they offered different things. I think that….

Farley Dillinger: That's sort of New York versus Philadelphia. Who would choose Philadelphia…

Ed Kasputis: Let’s say though that you know it’s going to be expensive till living in San Francisco especially if you are going to live anywhere near the city but yeah I think it’s, I can see why people go there. Yeah I would like to, I felt very comfortable there it was very, I don’t know, I don't know what the right word is but I liked it…

Mark Rantala: Now San Francisco is six hours by car from LA, 6½ from Anaheim, 8 hours from San Diego. I think the last time I went to AT&T Park I talked to some padre’s friends who just drove from San Diego to San Francisco. Now for our baseball PHD listeners you can fly pretty cheap on the hour, you know, San Diego to San Francisco along Southwest or LA to San Francisco. So I don’t know if I would want to drive that far or….

Farley Dillinger: Unless you were doing a Pacific Coast highway or something…

Ed Kasputis: Now that’s something on my bucket list I’ve yet to do it long term I’ve gone down for an hour or two…

Mark Rantala: That might be the reason to make that drive…

Farley Dillinger: Right.

Ed Kasputis: No, that’s a beautiful experience is doing this Pacific Coast highway…

Farley Dillinger: Yes definitely.

Mark Rantala: Now when you fly into San Francisco there's two airports. I have flown into both of them. You got the San Francisco Airport. You got the Oakland Airport. I took the Oakland airport to get a cheap Southwest flight from Oakland to Seattle to see the Mariners. Public transport, I would say Bart is as good as anybody…

Ed Kasputis: Yeah.

Mark Rantala: You know it is like a tropical Chicago, you are not fighting snow it takes you everywhere. In fact I once went to an Oakland Ace Game and here’s what I learned. It’s easier to get there by Bart staying in San Francisco than being a mile down the road in Oakland and there is no way to get there other than either walking or driving. So sometimes when you think you are so close you are really so far. Quick AT&T facts, it opened, part facts, it opened in 2000. Capacity, 41,000. It’s in the China basin section of the city. Farley when you sat there where were you…?

Farley Dillinger: I was….

Ed Kasputis: Were you in the Bleachers or were you in the upper deck?

Farley Dillinger: We were in the, we were in the Bleachers…

Ed Kasputis: Okay.

Farley Dillinger: We were in the Bleachers.

Ed Kasputis: Alright I think your love field…

Farley Dillinger: Yes.

Ed Kasputis: Alright. You know I like sitting between the bases. For our Baseball PHD listeners, the China basin is so pretty that an upper deck seat actually might be a smarter investment than a lower ball seat, because you will get to see more activity and enjoy the water feature, and it’s just the intimacy of being so close to the China basin. And when you walk around the park, and you are in right field, it’s just a very intimate thing. And underneath the right field there is a walkway and they have like knot-holes where you could stand, and you can peer in and see the game. I mean you are probably seeing guys from the shoulders down. It’s a poor man’s view, but it’s an intriguing aspect of the game. What was your favorite thing that you experienced at AT&T Park, Farley?

Farley Dillinger: Well…

Mark Rantala: Became a verdict.

Ed Kasputis: It was through and I said because I've regaled the story many times before I was the Cubs were playing that day and it so happened that I was going to be in town that day so I got to go to a meeting, and I was pretty vocal about my, you know, my being a Cub’s fan and just how friendly everybody was, you know. There wasn’t, there was just some good-natured kidding and stuff but I thought all the fans were very friendly, just the whole time I was at the park…

Mark Rantala: Well I am sure they weren’t threatened by your presence or by the Cubs…

Ed Kasputis: Well it was a close game that the Giants did win but the Cubs were leading most of the game actually until the end. So there was potential, but...

Mark Rantala: So you used the standard Cubs script…

Ed Kasputis: Yeah, yeah you know but it wasn’t…

Farley Dillinger: For me the food…

Ed Kasputis: Yeah, oh yeah that was good too. Great food. I am not saying that the fans were really great, but grape fruit and my first game it was Dodgers Giants day game, and that was very memorable and I have been there several times before, not in the post season but several times before. That's saying for the book I believe it is the upper deck between the bags, there is best seats in the house because you can see so many things, flagship radio station is KNBR680AM. You can hear the silky smooth pipes of John Miller. You know because I don’t hear him as often as I would like to, when I do hear him I am like, Oh this guy is a charm, but he is not the same level as Vin Scully, is he?

Mark Rantala: Although he does do something like baseball on the ESPN too doesn’t he?

Ed Kasputis: I know he used to, I don’t know if he still does…

Mark Rantala: He is a good announcer…

Ed Kasputis: Yeah though he is a very good announcer, yes silky smooth is a good way to have put it.

Mark Rantala: No he is silky smooth. What’s your most memorable Giants Experience when you were at AT&T park? Is it the left field with the big ball?

Farley Dillinger: It's the water.

Mark Rantala: It’s the water?

Farley Dillinger: Yes, the water.

Ed Kasputis: And are we in agreement that to be at the highest level of a ball park, you need a water feature?

Mark Rantala : I guess so. That’s funny how that is but I guess so.

Ed Kasputis: You know what I mean? That’s why they built the stadium you know 20 blocks from water but our water feature get you to the highest level where beautiful architecture, the water feature, seeing sea gulls and all that stuff, is very good. Anything you don’t like about AT&T Park Farley?

Farley Dillinger: I am trying to recall. No, I didn’t, I really didn’t have any complaints at all.

Ed Kasputis: Don’t buy scalp tickets.

Farley Dillinger: Yeah I guess that’s the problem.

Ed Kasputis: That’s against the law and next thing you know you might be watching the game from the hooskow or talking to a magistrate whose got a Giants cap on and he’s fining you money and all that stuff…

Farley Dillinger: But I think if you trade them for pot it’s okay….

Mark Rantala: Pot. The rocky pot is in the future.

Ed Kasputis: Oh alright my mistake… Alright do we expect the Giants to repeat as either National League champions or World Series champions in 2015?

Mark Rantala: Well the predictions podcast is coming soon.

Ed Kasputis: I am not asking to sit here but in the big picture…

Mark Rantala: No I don’t…

Farley Dillinger: I don’t know I think they made a great run and I don’t think that they are going to be able to replicate that.

Ed Kasputis: But the sands are shifting in the national quest…

Mark Rantala: Well the Dodgers looked often, I think the Padre’s have closed the gap. And you got to remember last year the Giants started off strong, then they kind of faded in the middle, then they got hot again but they needed the Milwaukee Brewers to collapse, to make it as a wild card. So if anything the Milwaukee Brewers should get a share….

Farley Dillinger: I don’t think most people will remember that that was how it happened.

Ed Kasputis: Oh that’s why we are talking about it, because we want to submit history. Alright, so we don’t think they are going to be the same. They lost Panda, Pablo Sandoval as their third basemen. They re-signed Jake Peavy and Ryan Vogelon and Sergio Romo. But Sergio Romo is not the same Sergio Romo we saw in Detroit when we went to the 2012 World Series. He is a good ball playing guy, but he is not your closer, so you got is maybe third place Farley?

Farley Dillinger: Yeah.

Ed Kasputis: Yeah, that's

Farley Dillinger: Yeah, I think that that’s probably you know and then it’s out of the way our cards shake out.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Farley Dillinger: Who does well out so you can’t move them out of the play offs, but you can’t really say they are in yet.

Ed Kasputis: Farley and Mark, watch your buyus, after the break let’s learn more about this year’s Giants from Connor Grossman from

Ed Kasputis: Play great baseball, opening day PhD hello to Connor Grossman from Go Giants….

Connor Grossman: Oh, man, oh man. I don’t know what’s going to happen this season.

Ed Kasputis: Well you’ve heard it hey I am standing at Cleveland, Ohio. I don’t care what happens this season, you had a heck of a run. Enjoy…

Connor Grossman: Well I mean it’s absolutely obviously no one could have predicted anything that's happened in the perhaps 5 years I mean and I think it also get kept off with the unbelievable historic performance from Madison Bumgarner. It was….

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Connor Grossman: ...I didn't win in game 7….

Ed Kasputis: I mean the inside joke in heaven is that God didn’t even predict what the Giants going to do in the past 5 years. Everyone’s surprised…

Connor Grossman: That idea is exactly right. No one would have seen any of this coming and I mean we are going to have the Giants sports been training so far. They know his numbers as when I say you are almost a one foot stop and regular feed numbers any more.

Ed Kasputis: Right, right. So but now let’s talk about Madison Bumgarner because I’ve had some deep thoughts with fellow Clevelanders. Here’s my deep thought. Who would you rather have, Madison Bumgarner or Clayton Kershaw? Right now my gut is Madison Bumgarner’s Mr. October and although Kershaw might get you to October isn’t it a pleasure to watch a guy just dominate a World Series?

Connor Grossman: Oh man, I mean you are exactly right that was just, you are a baseball fan you couldn’t help but love what Bumgarner did just to appreciate the historical nature of what he was doing out there. I think when it I’ve heard it’s been talked around quite a few times so that we would rather have Kershaw or Bumgarner…

Ed Kasputis: Right…

Connor Grossman: And I’ve read around the Internet some people say there if you want the World Series then you want Bumgarner. If you want it all, you want Kershaw.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Connor Grossman: But for me as much as I enjoy Madison Bumgarner and as much as he's given the Giants in this branch I still think he need not take the reigning national league and it’s a closer race than what it is on papers, and it’s up against each other but yeah I think we can’t go around complaining Kershaw but I don’t think that takes it away at all from what Madison Bumgarner achieved last season what it is season, 3 post seasons when he appeared in 2010 as a 20-year-old…

Ed Kasputis: Great.

Connor Grossman: Win the World Series games.

Ed Kasputis: Yeah, no, I actually would pick Bumgarner. In fact I would like to go to lunch with Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner and as we are having our appetizer I would look at Kershaw and go look at the rings he is wearing, and it’s like yeah those are pretty nice rings, rings, it’s like where’s your trophies? They are back home. He’s wearing his trophies. He has a lifestyle of achievement, so whatever. But let’s talk about the Giants. You know from 30,000 feet above the earth it is an odd numbered year so for the simplistic people it’s not going to be the Giants this year. Do you think it could be the Giants and if you do why?

Connor Grossman: I no longer as yours I have been a fan, that’s pretty young compared to because I am only 20 years old, I haven’t been to hell and back with this team but, it’s 2015…

Ed Kasputis: You’ve been to probity and back, you have been to probity and back though…

Connor Grossman: I haven’t seen 50 years of losing baseball but in 2015 I did not see things out in Giants way, you got the Dodgers who are venerable and as competitors, they have been the last 3 or 4 years and I was really skeptical about the Padre going in this season. I'm sure they had to change and while I don't think he will be the perennial Cy Young award winner I think he solidifies their rotation and makes the Padres and the Giants and I am honestly, realistically that is an era for the Giants, I think we are looking at third place….

Ed Kasputis: Wow.

Connor Grossman: And you can't, you obviously you can’t tell them now you work free less ideas obviously you can’t help them out.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Connor Grossman: But I think it is realistic to deal with this right now, it might be of some offense for the first month of the season and it is already looking shaky I think the Giants best case right now can hope to bank, it’s like a wildcard spot, realistically it looks like a third place finish.

Ed Kasputis: Wow, you see I perceive that the Giants are going to be better than the Padres, but the Padres are much better than they have been, you know they have done a wonderful job this winter adding, but yeah let’s look at some of the question marks. I mean Matt Cain was also such a big player, and he’s coming off an elbow surgery. What’s going on? Is he rehabbing well or are we still just a little scared that he might not be the same guy again?

Connor Grossman: Well from what I've heard about Matt Cain is that he was a little behind coming into spring training the Giants had worked him up a little bit slower and he and Tim Hudson have both been on that slower spring regimen and all the other starting pitchers…

Ed Kasputis: Right..

Connor Grossman: ...but from what I know about Cain surgery’s cleaned up elbow chips he had that I have been bugging him, according to him at least the last 4, 5, even 6 Steven what he has been able to pitch through it obviously he made more for all our teams and signed a 100 plus million dollar contract with the Giants, that’s what they felt he was worth, right and he was fit and well enough at that time last year, well the last two seasons you can say 2013 and 14 that’s really been an amazing year for Cain it’s definitely of some free ERA ticker posted marks about 4 in 2013 and 2014. So I think the Giants are right to take a more patient approach with Cain and I think realistically again you want to look at the season for Cain. I, he's good enough pitcher where I do expect the bounce back from him. I know that most Giants fans would be happy with the round you know, 34, 35 ERA let’s call it 14,15 wins. I think they would call it except for bounce back in even for Cain…

Ed Kasputis: Right…

Connor Grossman: ..but obviously from what we have seen with them in the past are great seasons and now we are almost 16, 17 wins 25 ERA’s that’s pretty much an ammo for 4 or 5 straight years for the Giants, before he started getting hampered by injuries. So I mean he’s a bit of a question mark going into the year but I mean I don’t think he is about as reliable as the pitcher the Giants may have because personally as a Giants fan I am almost more concerned about the innings work than Madison Bumgarner had last four seasons and how it was going to affect him going into 2015.

Ed Kasputis: Oh, so you are standing here at east of the Mississippi whenever I talked about the Giants pitching staff I always say to myself where does Tim Lindsey comes or fit in, you know back when you were like 17 or 16 you know he was like a Cy Young stud and you know he is on a downward projectory but he is still a very good guy. I mean is he a 4th or 5th starter, where is he in the rotation?

Connor Grossman: I think Bruce Bochy right now is thinking about Tim Lincecum in the 5 spot, which I think is a very intriguing spot for our money obviously 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 batters want to match up with the five started on the voting team for a few weeks before they are scheduled.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Connor Grossman:...getting mismatched. So I think Lincecum has potential to clearly be one of the better number 5 guys, one of the better number 5 starters in all baseball but I think they have very interesting take on Lincecum and this is something I felt strongly. Now I am pretty settled in my opinion about Bruce Bochy and the entire proceeding until game 5 I believe of the World Series. I mean he did not want to go to Lincecum in any high level situation. I think that the past few years what you have seen from Lincecum is a slight decline in his or steady decline and is a lot but he is not the same electric pitcher he was in 2008 and 2009…

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Connor Grossman: ...when he was leading the league in strike outs. Personally I think that you, I think it’s worth it to try and experiment just like the Braves did with John Small I believe it was 2003….

Ed Kasputis: Right…

Connor Grossman: ...put Small in a closer role, as a reliever he gets a lot less innings and a lot less load to shoulder was able to pick up some velocity on his fast ball which was just able to get more rest. I think that’s something the Giants should seriously consider with Lincecum I think it’s a role, he could excel in and already, he had excelled at as a reliever before, he was the 20 top 4 seed in you know mid one starting enough to getting into the cardinals which he didn’t do that great in, but as a reliever he was excellent.

Ed Kasputis: Yeah and you know what, my perception is he’s going to be your 6th or 7th starter. He is the guy that comes in in middle relief in the fourth inning when a guy pitched terrible and it’s like okay you got to pitch the next four innings.

Connor Grossman: Yeah I think that’s a good stepping stone, a good starting point for Lincecum in the bullpen, he's capable of that obviously being a starting pitcher.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Connor Grossman: And I think that he showed you he can excel there, you move him up in the bullpen, you minimize the amount of innings he is working or maybe even make them a 1 plus, 2 plus inning relief guy in the bullpen, he shows himself capable.

Ed Kasputis: Yeah, I mean Lincecum is still under 30, correct?

Connor Grossman: I believe he just turned 30.

Ed Kasputis: Okay you know so he is like your big brother, he is only 10 years older than you, but it is like we’ve seen him evolve from like a 19-year-old into a grandfather in terms of baseball years.

Connor Grossman: Yeah I think that’s the perfect way to describe..

Ed Kasputis: Yeah he’s grandpa Lincecum but he’s got, he’s got the same rings that Madison Bumgarner has. But I am sure there are many team mates of Babe Ruth…and we go from there. Let’s talk about your outfield you know Angel Pagan I guess has been struggling with a bad back.

Connor Grossman: Yeah I mean it’s an injury that side lines him for pretty much the beginning of September all through the post even he did not appear for the Giants and he had surgery to correct that the Giants believe that was part of surgery he needed to get, it was going to ensure he was healthy, going into the next few years under contract with the Giants, and then we did two weeks in the spring training and wouldn’t even know it but gotten back, it's playing out again.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Connor Grossman: He rested for a few days and I believe he he is no longer hitting at 125.

Ed Kasputis: Right and we forget or at least I did until you just mentioned it. He was not part of the Giants amazing post-season run.

Connor Grossman: Yeah, that is correct...

Ed Kasputis: They won without him.

Connor Grossman: Yeah, yeah and that makes Gregor Blanco even that much better in 2012 and 2014.

Ed Kasputis: Right, no that is. And then what about my favorite guy, the guy that wears his socks super high like an old timer, Hunter Pence, didn’t he hurt his forearm?

Connor Grossman: Yes he broke, he fractured a bone in his left forearm I believe and he will be out, likely you can call it three weeks into this even.

Ed Kasputis: Okay but I, you know, the magic of the Giants is that they play well in September and October. So they’ll be, they will be cooking. And then let me tell you one guy that kind of really impressed me was Joe Panik. I kind of forgot about Marco Scutaro when I started to see how Joe Panik was playing in the post season.

Mark Rantala: Yeah, Joe Panik made certainly there if you are Giant fan, forgot about Marco Scutaro. He did make a cameo last season with the Giants for about a week and Bruce Bochy has said he has been playing goes back and when he can’t play anymore and think about it 5 or 6 days before it starts he couldn’t play any more, but yeah Joe Panik came up in his I believe he was a second baseman the Giants used last season when they called them up around July or August and it started up. I couldn’t touch to what it was, but Joe Panik was starting to switch on and he was a left hitter…

Ed Kasputis: No, Joe Panik reminds me of Buster Posey at second base. I think that he is going to be there for many years now just like Buster unless he gets you know hurt it’s like this guy’s constant. Lets worry about other positions now, we’ve got a good Giant second basement.

Connor Grossman: Yeah and I think you echo perfectly the thought of Bruce Bocy and General Manager Brian Fabian, how they feel about Panik, second base is not a spot they are concerned about any more.

Ed Kasputis: Right…

Connor Grossman: Which is a relief for them.

Ed Kasputis: Yeah, no, it’s a big relief. Now I’ve had the privilege but let’s talk about the baseball universe. I’ve had the privilege to go to what I believe at least for a day game is the most beautiful ball park in the world, AT&T Park. For night games I pick PNC because you are far grows frozen and you get a little chilly, but in the lightness corner what’s your favorite things to do at AT&T Park when you are watching the world champion Giants.

Connor Grossman: What’s to the edge of my favorite thing about AT&T Park is I know it is the water at this point talking about baseball you know, a nice stadium, there’s not a bad seat in the house.

Ed Kasputis: Right..

Connor Grossman: But if you are sitting close you get a beautiful view of that’s one of the nicest and most unique fields on all baseball, kind of have circle valley 421 feet at dead right center field, and if you are sitting close, you get a good view of that. If you are in the upper deck, you can argue, you don’t get a better, you get to look at the field a little further away, but just above this score board you can see the entire east bay that’s behind the San Francisco Bay, at night you can see the open coliseum lit up. I mean….

Ed Kasputis: Really…

Connor Grossman: ...probably the most panoramic view of baseball, yeah.

Ed Kasputis: I did not know that and I agree with you, for our baseball PHD listeners if you can only go to AT&T Park one time, I think the water feature is so important that an upper deck seat might be superior to a lower bowl seat so you just get the identity of hey there is the water, there is Gilligan, there is Skipper, there is Marian, I mean you remember those guys don’t you? Was that before your time? Gilligan’s Iowa, you know it’s just a great, great feel and especially for a day game it’s not cold like it can be. I went to my first game I think it was in June and I was shocked it’s like it’s freezing. So how does a wise Giant fan dress for a June or July game?

Connor Grossman: Well you see the trick is if you are sitting on the first baseline you better brings your sun screen for a day game because the back of your neck, it’s going to be roasted.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Connor Grossman: If you are sitting in the last row of any of the sections it is a wind turnover and you better bring your winter jacket, like I wear in Syracuse, New York every day where I go to school. I think anywhere in between, I think you are all right, I mean, yeah I believe the San Francisco summer is probably one of the colder in the country.

Ed Kasputis: Right, no.

Connor Grossman: But if you, AT&T Park the experience altogether compensates for any time of whether you might want to complain about this that much you are going to make.

Ed Kasputis: No, I agree and lastly I was pretty impressed with the food.

Connor Grossman: Oh you can’t beat the garlic fries...

Ed Kasputis: Yeah.

Connor Grossman: I pick the garlic fires.

Ed Kasputis: You got to chow it, is it a Gilroy Garlic fry, what’s the official name?

Ed Kasputis: Yes, no, they are outstanding. So final question. I know you hate the Dodgers but are you fearful that they are going to win the NOS?

Connor Grossman: The Dodgers are interesting going into this year having lost Matt Kemp, they lost a lot of power in that line up. They lost Hanley Ramirez to the Boston Red Sox.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Connor Grossman: They added Howie Kendrick and Jimmy Rollins, two solid but aging middle infielders. I think the race is going to be awfully close between the Padres and Dodgers and I think the Dodgers do edge out the Padres by 2 or 3 games because of the pitching staff led by Clayton Kershaw. The thing he did, but it’s hard as just a pure baseball fan not to expect the Dodgers to win the National League one this year and God only knows what the guys would end up.

Ed Kasputis: Well you know, Connor Grossman, I've been to the 2014 World Series. I saw the Giants in game 6 when they got beaten often and you thought momentum had gone to the Royals. I was at the 2000…

Connor Grossman: And I don’t recall that game.

Ed Kasputis: Right, I was at the 2012 World Series game 4 when the Giants swept, you know, nothing would surprise me or would not surprise me if this year I am at the World Series watching the Giants mumbling, Connor Grossman, you man of little faith, it happened again because Madison Bumgarner is your pitcher plus it is the Bumgarners of the world. And Connor thank you for being a Baseball PHD.

Connor Grossman: I thank you guys so much, really appreciate it.

Commentator: Let’s learn about the Alcatraz tour that Ed missed.

Speaker: Thanks to United Airlines and their delays, after the break, Ed interviews Tegan Firth from

Baseball PHD is now on YouTube and Flicker. You are videos on YouTube the address is simple, You can see our road trip pictures on Flicker. Our Flicker address is just as simple, flicker/photos/baseballphd. You can find the links to both of these sites under the miling section of our website A grade baseball PHD welcome to Tegan Firth spokesperson for Alcatraz Cruises in San Francisco. How are you today?

Tegan Firth: I am doing great. How are you?

Ed Kasputis: Well I am jealous. I want to be where you are and I am sure you don’t want to be where I am, where we are watching snow melt, but let’s take our listeners to the San Francisco Bay. You guys won the World Series, so in baseball land you are happy, but San Francisco has so many other great things. It’s such a great city and whenever I am walking around San Francisco whether I am at Fisherman’s Wharf, I am walking around Pacific Heights I keep gravitating toward looking at the Bay scene, Alcatraz and Angel Island and your tour company will take us to those islands.

Tegan Firth: Yes, we will.

Ed Kasputis: How long does a tour last if I want to see both Alcatraz and Angel Island?

Tegan Firth: Well getting there is not very long at all, but once you get there you're kind of on your own. So you can spend as little or as long as you want in either island. In fact Angel Island has camp sites so if you want to spend the weekend there you could do that.

Ed Kasputis: If I fly into San Francisco which I am going to do on July 5th, because I am going to go to the Giants' game that night, I can hook up with you guys and I guess the first thing is physically get from the mainland to Alcatraz Island, which of the two islands would you go to first if you wanted to do both?

Tegan Firth: It really doesn’t matter and the way we do our tours is one group of people go to Alcatraz first, the other group goes to Angel Island first and then mid-way through the day they switch. So it really it doesn’t make too much of a difference on your, on your experience getting there as a quick 15 minutes ferry ride from the Bay and then once you are on the island there is a ton of activity you can do.

Ed Kasputis: And refresh my memory. If you take the ferry are you within walking distance of the ball park?

Tegan Firth: It is, it's a nice walk. It’ll probably take you, I don’t know, 30 minutes or so, but you will be walking with a ton of Giant fans, and that’s always a great time.

Ed Kasputis: Right, exactly. At least this year it is.

Tegan Firth: Yes, sure it all it is.

Ed Kasputis: You are finally, you climb the mountain. Let me ask you a crazy question, what is your favorite island Alcatraz or Angel Island?

Tegan Firth: You know I like Angel Island a little bit more than I like Alcatraz although Alcatraz has a great history and so much, so many stories to tell. But Angel Island is a little bit of more outdoor heat, there is more hiking trails and a little bit more to do which is just what I enjoy.

Ed Kasputis: And let’s educate our listeners. I didn’t know this until I studied for this interview. Angel Island is the Ellis Island of the West.

Tegan Firth: It is. For many, many years it was the Immigration Center for the West Coast though, a lot of American citizens now who came over from places in Asia came through Angel Island.

Ed Kasputis: So when I watched TV land and I am watching reruns of when I watch reruns of Bonanza, and I see Hop Sing, statistically did he come through Angel Island?

Tegan Firth: Yep, most likely.

Ed Kasputis: Most likely that was his place but unfortunately the Chinese did not build a Statue of Liberty for the Ellis Island of the west.

Tegan Firth: Well and the proximity of Ellis Island to the Statue of Liberty is kind of a coincidence. They are actually not related to one another.

Ed Kasputis: Okay.

Tegan Firth: But there is a cool, there is a cool statue-like structure not too far from Angel Island and that's the lighthouse on Alcatraz and that lighthouse on Alcatraz was the first lighthouse on the West Coast.

Ed Kasputis: Wow.

Tegan Firth: And it’s still operating today.

Ed Kasputis: The two islands are they similar in size or is one bigger than the other?

Tegan Firth: Angel Island is substantially bigger than Alcatraz.

Ed Kasputis: And that’s why they put the prison on the smaller rock.

Tegan Firth: Correct.

Ed Kasputis: Saying it’s not your right to walk around and enjoy the Bay, you are a prisoner.

Tegan Firth: Correct.

Ed Kasputis: So let’s go back to Angel Island. The highest point in Angel Island, I love this name, Mount Caroline Livermore.

Tegan Firth: Yes.

Ed Kasputis: I can go hiking and all this stuff. So I could spend a lot of time on Angel Island if I just wanted to enjoy the outdoors and view the San Francisco skyline.

Tegan Firth: Correct, you can do, you can hike, people bring mountain bikes over and will go biking. People bring camping equipment and will rent out camp sites at the top and stay for a few days. There is also a company on the island that does segway tours so if you don’t want to be on your feet quite as much and want to segway, go on the tour and see many of the places that way as well.

Ed Kasputis: How far of a ferry ride is it between the two Islands?

Tegan Firth: It’s about 15 minutes.

Ed Kasputis: 15 minutes. So now let’s go to Alcatraz. When I think of Alcatraz I think of Al Capone and all that. So I am sure there still is the physical prison at Alcatraz.

Tegan Firth: Oh absolutely.

Ed Kasputis: And is that the highlight of the Alcatraz Island tour, going to the prison?

Tegan Firth: It depends on what people are interested in. A lot of people are interested actually in the outer buildings where the guards' families lived and where the guards lived. And other people are interested in the gardens, because the gardens of Alcatraz are actually quite famous, but the award winning Audio Tour does take place in the Cellhouse.

Ed Kasputis: How long do you think a wise man would spend touring Alcatraz, is that easily two, three hours?

Tegan Firth: Yes that’s exactly what we recommend, two-and-a-half to three hours.

Ed Kasputis: And Angel Island could be even more but let’s pretend you are a city guy and you don’t want a mountain bike and all that, probably the same a couple of hours for Angel Island?

Tegan Firth: Yes absolutely. Hike up, get a good view and go back down to the dock where I can have some lunch and wait for a ferry to come get you.

Ed Kasputis: Good. Now what is your favorite thing to see between the two tours of Angel and Alcatraz, what is your personal highlight?

Tegan Firth: Well I’ve been fortunate enough to go to some of the closed areas on Alcatraz.

Ed Kasputis: Okay.

Tegan Firth: And so I don’t think it’s fair for me to say that those are my favorite. But you know it’s always we enjoyed the traffic area portion of the, of Alcatraz because when you are in that area, the Audio Tour is telling you stories about the site and what’s happened and how careful the guards had to be because the prisoners had forks and knives and also there is a really interesting story about how great the food was on Alcatraz. And I’ve always really enjoyed being in that room and thinking to myself you know not too many years ago, 200 really hardened criminals looked in here and you know eat meat loaf.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Tegan Firth: On Angel Island I think my favorite thing to do is down the docks, docks on Angel Island actually faces east, and it’s not a part of the rest that I get to that I often so I kind of enjoy sitting down at the dock, there is a really nice café down there, where you can sit and have a cup of coffee or a beer or a snack and it looked out on beautiful, beautiful, very large, very expensive homes. And I’ve always enjoyed sitting here at the dock, you know you are kind of surrounded by trees and you are in this nice, calm little cove and you are looking out at just these beautiful homes, and it’s a beautiful landscape. San Francisco is beautiful.

Ed Kasputis: Sounds outstanding.

Tegan Firth: I think you are going to have a great time.

Ed Kasputis: I can’t wait till July 5th. I am going to book it now, and Tegan, for the rest of the world, we can find you on

Ed Kasputis: Tegan, thank you very much for being on baseballphd and Go Giants.

Tegan Firth: Go Giants, think that.

Commentator: And now it’s time for the close of the Podcast. As we leave the left coast and the World champion San Francisco Giants and head to America’s Heartland to honor American League Champions the Kansas City Royals, your baseball.

Ed Kasputis: Well guys now it’s time for the close of the podcast. Clayton Kershaw he had a scary spring training. What happened Farley?

Farley Dillinger: I thought I read this, he got in the face…

Ed Kasputis: Yeah hit in the face with a baseball. That’s always when any pitcher gets hit in the face with a baseball and, but luckily it wasn’t a serious injury or whatever. Would you agree that if the Dodgers were to lose Kershaw this year that might be the biggest thing that could help the Giants be competitive in the National League West?

Farley Dillinger: Are you saying you are predicting that Kershaw is going to get hit in the face again with a baseball?

Ed Kasputis: No, no, no, no, no. I am not…

Farley Dillinger: I don’t think he was going there…

Ed Kasputis: I am not baseball's Nostradamus, no.

Farley Dillinger: I think that if you lose a pitcher like Kershaw that’s going to have a big negative effect on you.

Ed Kasputis: Right.

Farley Dillinger: I think there is no two ways around that.

Ed Kasputis: So the entire race could be changed, if this one key player were to go down hurt for the Dodgers, then we would probably reappraise what we think the Giants can do. Yeah alright now let’s talk about Giants fans and how they are so good. They saved some Korean dogs. Yeah this was kind of a nice story, so apparently in Seoul, South Korea it’s still, not Detroit but South Korea it’s still common place that you know sometimes people eat dogs and there is some....

Farley Dillinger: They breed them…

Ed Kasputis: Yeah, yeah they are raised, yeah, and then the raised for slaughter basically and then they I guess there is some sort of, I guess the word is convention or wisdom or something that says that supposedly it’s good for you to eat that in hot weather. Now I guess older folks will do it, younger folks not so much, but the Humane Society International and the Change For Animals Foundation rescued these 57 adults and puppies from a breeder, or a grower or whatever the heck they call that...

Farley Dillinger: They didn’t rescue, they bought them.

Ed Kasputis: Well right and that’s how they did it, they bought them, they just bought them to bring them home and so now they are bringing them to the Bay area and people are adopting them, and the biggest thing but not the nice thing but well Koreans eat approximately 2 million dogs a year, yeah that was a little disturbing..

Farley Dillinger: For food…

Ed Kasputis: And you know if we were to take a baseball trip to South Korea it’s pretty modern, it’s pretty okay. It’s just a cultural thing.

Farley Dillinger: Yes.

Ed Kasputis: And I was just shocked that you know what if you met a guy and say what do you do for a living, I raised beagles. It’s like that’s great. Why? For food….

Farley Dillinger: Tastes a lot like chicken.

Ed Kasputis: Tastes a lot like chicken. So but it just goes and show you that in the baseball universe...

Farley Dillinger: Yeah.

Ed Kasputis: ...we still are pretty diverse.

Farley Dillinger: And I guess you know and I don’t know still let me ask you this, do you know this in Korea are dogs typical domesticated pets? Do people typically….

Ed Kasputis: The very obedient ones are.

Farley Dillinger: Yeah I know but I just need you know for instance like you know we eat pork here and we, most people, some people do but most don’t have pigs as pets.

Ed Kasputis: So, you know what I am saying they are a companion animal, and you know this is happening in South Korea.

Farley Dillinger: Right.

Ed Kasputis: If we heard this story from North Korea we wouldn’t be shocked, but South Korea if we took a baseball road trip to South Korea, we could stay in some very nice hotels, we would see some pretty good ball parks, and Lassie would be on the menu. I think Lassie is more of an American breed, I don’t think well maybe if they hated us there would be a Lassie farm and they would be showing it but now they are our allies, South Korea is our ally…

Farley Dillinger: Right…

Ed Kasputis: And they are very good….

Farley Dillinger: Well I don’t know I mean that’s you know I read this story I guess I was surprised I had no idea that it was such a, you know that was on the plate as it were in South Korea, I did not know it, so it was kind of, kind of makes me real funny, you know because I kind of like dogs, and stuff but I don’t know…

Ed Kasputis: Well, alright. Our next minicast is going to be our 2015 predictions contest. Woo hoo. Now Mark you weren’t here for our spring training podcast both Farley and Dave Matejczyk enthusiastically said the Cubs were going to the play offs.

Mark Rantala: They are honoring their grandparents and their parents who have had similar predictions, but you know sometimes the Cubs do make it to the play off.

Ed Kasputis: So what was the last time they made it to the playoffs, could it have been during the Bartman incident?

Mark Rantala: Yes, that was the last time they were in the play offs so it would be about 2003.

Ed Kasputis: Alright and then our next podcast we will honor our American League Champs, the Kansas City Royals, I was at game 6. My fear is that that was your greatest love fest and that it’s not going to get any better. I don’t think the Royals are going to be the same Royals as last year. I think they will be okay. I predict that the Cleveland Indians will be the Kansas City Royals of the American League for 2015. Go, that would be fine with me.

Speaker: Thanks for listening to Baseball PHD with Ed Kasputis. If you like this podcast tell your friends and family to go to

San Francisco Giants Lineup

  • Jeremy Affeldt
  • Brett Bochy
  • Madison Bumgarner
  • Matt Cain DL60
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  • Erik Cordier
  • Kendry Flores
  • Juan Gutierrez
  • Chris Heston
  • Tim Hudson
  • Michael Kickham
  • George Kontos
  • Tim Lincecum
  • Javier Lopez
  • Jean Machi
  • Jake Peavy
  • Yusmeiro Petit
  • Sergio Romo
  • Hunter Strickland
  • Ryan Vogelsong
  • Buster Posey
  • Guillermo Quiroz
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