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Senators Maple Leafs Recent Match-ups

October 10, 2015 Canadian Tire Centre (Ottawa, ON)

Ottawa Senators: 5 Toronto Maple Leafs: 4

The second period of this game was full of action as the Senators took a 3-0 lead over the Maple Leafs but couldn’t keep it until the third period was up. The Maple Leafs made an impressive comeback to tie up the score before regulation time was over, sending the game into an uneventful overtime and ultimately, a shootout that would determine the winner after three rounds. Mike Hoffman scored the final shootout goal for the Senators, securing their win at the Canadian Tire Centre.

September 21, 2015 Canadian Tire Centre (Ottawa, ON)

Ottawa Senators: 3 Toronto Maple Leafs: 4

In customary Ottawa fashion, the Senators quickly developed their lead over the Maple Leafs, though this time it did not last. Slowly and steadily, Toronto chipped away at the score difference and came back to tie up the score in the third period, taking the game into overtime. This gave Toronto’s Joffrey Lupul the chance to put in the winning goal for the Maple leafs.

April 5, 2015 Air Canada Centre (Toronto, ON)

Ottawa Senators: 2 Toronto Maple Leafs: 3

The Maple Leafs played a better game than Ottawa at the Air Canada Centre on April 5, which shows in the final score. Toronto did not have a huge lead over the Senators at any point during this game, but they also never gave Ottawa the chance to score too many points. This consistent battle led the two teams into overtime, and ultimately into a shootout that gave Toronto the win.