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NHL hockey continues to have a growing fan population because of the crazed hockey fans that are continuing to pick up the game. Teams like the Sharks and Lightning play great hockey which makes the fan population of both franchises increase. Fans love cheering for the best players and both squads have great players on their rosters like: Brent Burns, Joe Thornton, Mike Brown, Steven Stamkos, Ben Bishop, Ben Bishop, and many more. Tickets to these great hockey games are hard to come by and can be very expensive to buy. On Rukkus, fans get the cheapest and best choices on tickets to games like the Sharks vs. Lightning and more! When looking for great deals on tickets to games like the Sharks vs. Lightning or any other great sports matchups or events, check out Rukkus for the best deals!

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NHL teams continue to provide great hockey games for fans and spectators that desire to see the best hockey out there. All NHL teams have amazing and unique arenas with very talented rosters, which allows for a new and diverse experience for those who attend the matchups in the NHL. Prices of games like the Sharks vs. Lightning have increased over time because of how popular the NHL is becoming and the star power on each team. Join the Rukkus movement and buy tickets to your favorite Sharks vs. Lightning games at Rukkus to get the best prices!

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Sharks Lightning Recent Match-ups

February 15, 2015 SAP Center (San Jose, CA)

San Jose Sharks: 2 Tampa Bay Lightning: 5

The Lightning dominated the entirety of this game at the SAP Center, starting with an early lead and gaining momentum until they had created a 3 point gap between them and the Sharks. Both Steven Stamkos and Ryan Callahan had both a goal of their own and an assist, and both gave the Lightning what they needed to return home victorious.

November 13, 2014 Amalie Arena (Tampa Bay, FL)

San Jose Sharks: 2 Tampa Bay Lightning: 1

The Sharks held a consistent lead over the Lighting in this game at Amalie Arena. The first period was slow, with neither team finding the opportunity to score. But the second period held an advantage for the Sharks, as they were able to score two goals. The Lightning didn't give up easily, though, and managed to put in a single goal from Steven Stamkos and went down fighting. Goaltender Antti Niemi was the best player of the game.