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Taylor Swift is undoubtedly America’s country sweetheart. She’s been building a future in music since age 14, and her hard work has paid off. It took Swift a single album to reach star status, and she shows no signs of slowing down; as of January 2015, every one of her studio albums had sold over 4 million copies.

Swift’s confessional songwriting is accessible to young adults, but she has received criticism from the media for her openness about relationships. Though her responses are always polite, she makes it clear that their disapproval of her writing is “a little sexist,” because male musicians write about the same things and are not questioned.

Swift is proud of her ability to open up to her audience, and she bears an encouraging example to young women who are hesitant to share their feelings. Tickets for her 1989 tour, which kicks off in May 2015, began pre-sales in November 2014. Buy your tickets online before they’re gone!

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Taylor Swift is an artist who understands the past but isn't stuck in it. When she hopped a plane to Nashville from her native Pennsylvania at age 11 to pass around a demo of songs to record labels there, the demo consisted of Dolly Parton and Dixie Chicks covers. She eventually moved to Nashville a few years later and started working on her career and her sound, which has become a somewhat unique sound. Taylor was always writing pop songs from the perspective of a young, blossoming girl, but in her earliest days, they were songs disguised as country songs. A pop singer traversing the genre-trappings of country music, while appealing to teenage girls in the most vulnerable way possible, is something that still hasn't been achieved to quite the same degree despite the music industry's obsession with creating imitations of what has sold in the recent past.

The most old-fashioned aspect of Taylor Swift is also the most empowering – she’s an artist in control of her art. From the writing of the songs to the direction of the videos to the promotion of the albums, Taylor is the brand of perfectionist that people say Bruce Springsteen was when he came to the public eye in the '70s. In an era of radio singles rather than complete, cohesive albums, Taylor has found a way to have both. The songs on her albums are thematically linked to each other, and the placement of the tracks is more than just putting the five catchiest songs first. With her most recent album, 1989, Taylor really took control of the marketing, creating an event-album that the actual year 1989 would be proud of, and that would easily slot next to Michael Jackson's Bad, Springsteen's Born in the USA, Prince's Purple Rain, and Madonna's Like a Virgin.

All of this leads to Taylor Swift as the prime example of where the music industry is heading. Along with Beyonce, Taylor is spearheading a wave of ambitious female pop singers in control of their own destiny. With Taylor's detractors calling her reappearing motifs of heartbreak and cute boys shallow or ditzy or not worth the attention of an adult, she's done calling them mean, and has learned to shake it off. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Britney Spears et al. have been the product of teams of writers and producers and a record company's best marketing minds, but the industry is moving towards valuing a more singular voice, and Taylor Swift is a huge part of that reevaluation.

In a way, teenage girls have often driven the whims of the music industry, but whereas acts like The Monkees, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, N*Sync, One Direction etc. are written about or for this demographic, Taylor Swift writes songs as that demographic. Ignore them when they tell you that your feelings and your insecurities and your life doesn't matter, Taylor says to America's young women over her five studio albums, because you do matter.

Her respect for the past makes her feel like a classic artist, but this sort of insistence on former glories usually results in a curmudgeonly grumpy attitude and an ironic appropriation of music from twenty to thirty years ago. Taylor Swift does not communicate with irony or snark, but with earnestness that makes her feminism all the more wonderful. From her debut album Taylor Swift in 2006, through her five albums (one every two years), and over the course of thousands of interviews and appearances on late night television, Taylor has never come across as anything but genuine - in fact, the enthusiasm with which she exudes this authenticity can be infectious, which is part of why she has sold so well. High schoolers don't need to be disaffected and uncaring, and that dismissal of hipsterdom's former attitudes is evolving past high school with the millennial generation. As American's born in the late '80s, '90s, or even early '00s become tastemakers and culture-shapers, they are bringing an enthusiasm to everything that they do, which is perfectly distilled and exemplified through Taylor's career. Years ago, jaded fans would have been turned off by their favorite singer's swap from genre-specific songs to pop music, but Taylor's fans have embraced her growth. After all, the songs on Fearless in 2008, Speak Now in 2010, and Red in 2012 were pop songs at heart anyway.

Taylor also possesses a media-savvy mind that probably grew from her move to Nashville at such a young age. Her down-to-earth mentality colors her behind-the-scenes manipulations of the industry more than those manipulations do her actual personality. Taylor removed her albums from Spotify in 2014 because the streaming service doesn't properly compensate the creators of music. An up-and-coming band can't afford to pull their music from Spotify because then no one will ever hear it, but they also can't make a second album because they haven't made enough money from the first album. Taylor Swift understands this and has boycotted free music in the best way that she can. It's a much more understandable response than Tidal – a separate streaming service created by a group of out-of-touch artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Jack White, and Beyonce who don't seem to understand their consumers and charge $20 a month for basically a collection of their own music that they think will sell based on their own popularity.

Taylor has never been so far removed from her fans as to assume something like that. In fact, in 2014, she held a series of album-listening parties, where she found fans through their social media activity and invited them to her home, literally inside of her home, to hang out and eat dinner and listen to 1989 before anyone else - critics, record execs, and media included.

Taylor Swift doesn't have to write specifically feminist music to be considered a feminist icon; she can do it based on her entire existence - what she does, how she does it, what she means to young girls around the world.

She is among the highest-selling artists of all-time. She has won seven Grammy Awards, sixteen American Music Awards, five American Country Music Awards, and has been named Billboard's Woman of the Year on two separate occasions. Her 1989 World Tour begins in May 2015 and runs all the way through December.

Top 3 Taylor Swift Tracks:

Stay Stay Stay
The Moment I Knew

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