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The Book of Mormon Bio

Since its release to Broadway in 2011, The Book of Mormon has been one of the most popular musicals available. The Book of Mormon’s creators Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone did years of development to the musical to make it into what it currently is today. The Book of Mormon has won numerous awards and continues to gain success heading forward as the musical is going on national tours and production on the musical has began in other countries.

The creators of The Book of Mormon have worked together to make of the best musicals to date. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are best known for creating the animated show South Park and Parker has connections to Robert Lopez through creating music for the musical Avenue Q. Together the three developed the book, music, and lyrics for the musical that would eventually become a global phenomenon. The process of creating the musical began in 2003 and developments of it took about 7 years until its release to Broadway in 2011.

The Book of Mormon is a religious satire musical which follows two Mormon missionaries as they share Mormon scripture to a Ugandan village. The musical first premiered on Broadway at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on March 24, 2011. The musical features multiple religious references but also has a very humorous, clever, and catchy feel to it which is a reason why audiences love the musical. The reception that The Book of Mormon has received has been positive from fans because of the amount of humor that is featured in the musical. Some negative reviewers feel that it pushes the boundaries in a way that is inappropriate towards the Mormon religion.

Regardless of some negative reviews, The Book of Mormon still remains one of the top musicals today. At the 2011 Tony Awards, The Book of Mormon was awarded multiple awards in a variety of categories that included: Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Book of a Musical, Best Actor, Best Featured Actor, Best Featured Actress, Best Choreography, Best Scenic Design, and much more. And in 2012, The Book of Mormon won a Grammy award for Best Musical Theatre Album. The success that the musical has reached is one that is hard to compare to another musical.

With the popularity that The Book of Mormon has earned, it is a musical that is in high demand across the world. The Book of Mormon began its first US National Tour in 2012 and was shown in cities like Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Washington DC, Boston, and Toronto. In 2013, production began in the United Kingdom for the musical to be shown in Europe. The production of The Book of Mormon in the United Kingdom has seen some changes in cast but is still showing. Also in 2013, The Book of Mormon had its 2nd US National tour of the musical which is still touring. The Book of Mormon is set to have its first show in Australia in 2017.

The wild success of The Book of Mormon continues to draw crowds as the musical continues to be available for audiences all around the world. The lighthearted humor is something that audiences rave about this musical which continues to gain fans with every show. Make sure to check out this humorous and Tony Award winning musical that is possibly one of the most successful musicals to date.

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$9.00 The Book Of Mormon — 08/29/2015
State Theatre - The Playhouse Square Center; Cleveland, OH
$10.00 The Book Of Mormon — 10/17/2015
The Smith Center for the Performing Arts; Las Vegas, NV
$11.00 The Book Of Mormon — 08/30/2015
State Theatre - The Playhouse Square Center; Cleveland, OH
$15.00 The Book Of Mormon — 06/18/2016
Wharton Center; East Lansing, MI
$17.00 The Book Of Mormon — 10/17/2015
Shubert Theater; New Haven, CT
$17.00 The Book Of Mormon — 12/19/2015
Majestic Theatre San Antonio; San Antonio, TX
$19.00 The Book Of Mormon — 10/14/2017
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$19.00 The Book Of Mormon — 10/13/2017
BJCC Concert Hall; Birmingham, AL
$21.00 The Book Of Mormon — 03/20/2016
Orpheum Theatre Memphis; Memphis, TN
$22.00 The Book Of Mormon — 06/11/2016
Peoria Civic Center; Peoria, IL

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$4,246.00The Book of Mormon — 07/06/2018
Eugene ONeill Theater; New York, NY
$1,103.00The Book Of Mormon — 02/24/2015
PrivateBank Theatre; Chicago, IL
$1,007.00The Book of Mormon — 01/01/2015
Eugene ONeill Theater; New York, NY
$943.00The Book Of Mormon — 02/13/2016
Eugene ONeill Theater; New York, NY
$864.00The Book Of Mormon — 07/02/2017
Pantages Theatre; Los Angeles, CA
$795.00The Book Of Mormon — 12/27/2015
Forrest Theatre; Philadelphia, PA
$734.00The Book of Mormon — 03/28/2015
Eugene ONeill Theater; New York, NY
$724.00The Book Of Mormon — 12/16/2014
Kravis Center - Dreyfoos Concert Hall; West Palm Beach, FL
$704.00The Book Of Mormon — 02/14/2016
Eugene ONeill Theater; New York, NY
$704.00The Book Of Mormon — 02/13/2016
Eugene ONeill Theater; New York, NY