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New talent in the NFL every year is part of the reason football becomes more popular every year so fans can see how players transition from college to the NFL. Along with teams transitioning new players every year, fans are treated to divisional games every year that are some of the best game available. When young teams like the Titans and Jaguars meet, fans are looking at the future of the NFL with the amount of young and talented players on both rosters. Some players on the rosters of the Jaguars and Titans include: Marcus Mariota, David Cobb, Kendall Wright, Michael Griffin, TJ Yeldon, Blake Bortles, Julius Thomas, and many more which make up two talented teams. Rukkus is the only ticket site that can guarantee sports ticket prices at the cheapest costs for games like Titans vs. Jaguars. NFL teams continually improve and the games get more better and better every single week and Rukkus can provide fans with the best cheap tickets for NFL games like the Titans vs. Jaguars! When looking for NFL tickets at a cheap price, make sure to check out Rukkus or call our concierge line for assistance on buying tickets to a NFL great game like the Titans vs. Jaguars.

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The NFL can is seen as one of the most popular sports industries there is out there because of the large amount of fans that tune in to watch games every week. Some of the best games to watch during the season are the divisional matchups. The prices of games such as the Saints vs. Panthers have increased over time due to the talented young players on each team, the huge divisional rivalry, and the competitiveness of each team when playing. Allow Rukkus to give you the best price for buying tickets to the next Titans vs. Jaguars game so you too can have the chance to see a great game like the Titans vs. Jaguars!

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Rukkus is the best place that fans can get Titans vs. Jaguars tickets at a super low price that also features quality seating. Interactive tools within Rukkus allow fans to look at the best seating in each section. This allows users to explore and examine the best deals for acquiring tickets to the next great NFL game so you can be apart of every second played from an exciting divisional game like the Titans vs. Jaguars from amazing seats in the stadium.

Titans Jaguars Recent Match-ups

October 12, 2014 Nissan Stadium (Nashville, TN)

Tennessee Titans: 16 Jacksonville Jaguars: 14

The Tennessee Titans took advantage of a young Jacksonville team featuring rookie QB Blake Bortles and came out with a close win 16-14. The winless Jaguars were looking for their first win of the season against their divisional rival. The Titan defense bothered Bortles all day and only allowed two touchdowns on the day. The defense kept the game close as both teams experienced success on that side of the ball. The Titans were able to come up with great field position on their scoring drives and were able to narrowly win the game. Titans QB Charlie Whitehurst had 233 passing yards in the divisional win.

December 18, 2014 EverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)

Tennessee Titans: 13 Jacksonville Jaguars: 21

Two teams with poor records meet up in this divisional matchup as the Jaguars host the Titans. Both team with terrible losing record look to improve their record and come up with a win before the end of the season. The Titans looked strong jumping on the board early, but the Jaguars were consistent scoring from the second quarter till the end of the game. Both defenses had a strong presence in the game and rookie QB Blake Bortles was able to lead the Jaguars to a win 21-13 over their division rival. Bortles ended the day with 115 passing yards and a touchdown as the Jaguars add a win to their record before the end of the season.

November 19, 2015 EverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)

Tennessee Titans: Jacksonville Jaguars:

Divisional rivals and two younger teams go to battle midseason in hope to see bright spots from their younger players. The Titans and Jaguars are both led by young QBs who will look to be the future of the franchise. Rookie first round pick Marcus Mariota will look to build on his success out of college and bring some of that flash in the NFL. Usually rookie QBs struggle their first few years in the league, but Mariota will look to stay confident and win games for the Titans and become an elite QB as he experiences his first year in the NFL. Jaguars QB Blake Bortles was in Mariota’s position last season as he was a rookie first round pick and experienced a tough season in Jacksonville. After a year under his belt, Bortles will look to become a great QB for the Jacksonville team. These two young QBs will be tested in this divisional matchup that could prove to be a matchup we watch for years to come as these teams continue to improve.