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We invite you to watch Wicked, the Broadway show based of the Wizard of Oz. Wicked fans look no further. Rukkus has the cheapest tickets to Wicked performances by eliminating so many of the expenses other various ticketing websites ask for. We can get the lowest price and then pass those reductions to our customers.

Why Rukkus

There is no other ticket retailer like Rukkus online. We offer the greatest rates for the most events. We will guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase, especially with the Rukkus customer service team. Wicked may be about the sometimes ambiguous views we find in life, Rukkus can at least help guide you along the search for tickets.

How Rukkus Does It

As opposed to other websites, Rukkus checks all of our brokers to make sure that you will be given your tickets before the Wicked’s show. We hold our brokers to the highest standards so you know you are buying from a trusted vendor. Many other websites don’t have these verification processes, meaning you don’t know where you’re buying from or if your tickets are authentic.

Picking Your Seat

Venues are big and difficult to look through. Ticket views are even more confusing. You should know what your view will be like before getting to the game. That’s the reason we’ve produced a responsive seating chart that exhibits not just which seat you’re in, but what your view will be from that seat. Before placing an order, you can look through each seat and pick what is best for you. Because a ticket is costs higher doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better - now you can find out.

The Best Value

Because Rukkus offers low prices and a inclusive seating chart, you know that you’re getting the most for what you’re paying. Purchasing from Rukkus means having an advisor for the entire process. Rukkus supplies you the most comprehensive information possible to allow you to make educated decision.

Stress Free Tickets

All this means that when you buy at Rukkus, you’re buying a problem free experience. We remove all the guesswork out of buying a Wicked ticket. There will be no surprises after you make your order. By buying from Rukkus, you know you will be sent your tickets in time and what your seat will be like. Best of all, you know for sure that you’re getting the top value for Wicked tickets. And if you have any questions, our fan ops team is always here to assist you. There’s no reason not to watch a Wickedperformance.

Fast, Easy Checkout

Rukkus makes ordering clearer than any other retailer. After selecting your tickets from the seating chart, there are only three additional steps until your order is placed. Just enter your email, address, and credit card information. Once you select place order, your order will be verified.This data is sent reliably and is encrypted to our servers. However there are other easy ways too. Or, you can use your Paypal or Amazon account to pay. Click on the Paypal or Amazon Pay icons and you will be directed to their respective websites. There is no need to enter additional information on our site. If your ticket is sent by email, then you will get it almost instantaneously. Alternatively, you may purchase tickets on mobile. The process is just as easy as online. Enter your information and just press checkout to place your order. We even process Apple Pay, in addition to all our other payment options. Otherwise, a physical ticket will be shipped to you by game time.

Buyer Guarantee

Because all of our brokers undergo a verification process, you are ensured your tickets by the event time. Our fan ops team is always here to help anytime you need help with your order. When you buy tickets from us, we’ll tell you how you’ll get them beforehand. If your game is called off, don’t worry, we’ll send out you a complete refund. We are always here online, just contact us.

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Rukkus has tickets for Wicked tonight starting as low as $157. If you can't make it today, we also have tickets for Wicked tomorrow at $157. Cheap tickets for Wicked this Friday sell for $157. Cheap tickets for Wicked on Saturday start at $157. Buy cheap Sunday tickets for Wicked at any time before they are sold out. You will always find cheap Wicked tickets everyday, up until the last minute before the Wicked show.

Wicked Ticket Prices


Low: $40.00

High: $1,018.00

Cheap Wicked Tickets

The events below have been the cheapest of the season. We've listed the starting (lowest) price for any ticket to the event.
$6.00 Wicked — 12/10/2014
Detroit Opera House; Detroit, MI
$20.00 Wicked — 10/10/2014
Apollo Victoria Theatre; London, UK
$20.00 Wicked — 10/13/2014
Apollo Victoria Theatre; London, UK
$20.00 Wicked — 10/02/2014
Apollo Victoria Theatre; London, UK
$20.00 Wicked — 10/07/2014
Apollo Victoria Theatre; London, UK
$20.00 Wicked — 10/08/2014
Apollo Victoria Theatre; London, UK
$20.00 Wicked — 10/15/2014
Apollo Victoria Theatre; London, UK
$20.00 Wicked — 10/06/2014
Apollo Victoria Theatre; London, UK
$20.00 Wicked — 10/17/2014
Apollo Victoria Theatre; London, UK
$20.00 Wicked — 10/16/2014
Apollo Victoria Theatre; London, UK

Best and Most Expensive Wicked Tickets

The events below have been the most expensive of the season. Their starting prices are listed to the left.
$1,018.00Wicked — 07/19/2017
Boston Opera House; Boston, MA
$566.00Wicked — 07/09/2015
Paramount Theatre Boston; Boston, MA
$471.00Wicked — 10/02/2015
ASU Gammage; Tempe, AZ
$464.00Wicked — 12/25/2014
Gershwin Theatre; New York, NY
$427.00Wicked — 12/09/2014
Detroit Opera House; Detroit, MI
$422.00Wicked — 04/13/2016
Orpheum Theater (SF); San Francisco, CA
$422.00Wicked — 04/06/2016
Orpheum Theater (SF); San Francisco, CA
$420.00Wicked — 04/04/2015
Hippodrome at France-Merrick Performing Arts Center; Baltimore, MD
$414.00Wicked — 01/25/2018
Benedum Center; Pittsburgh, PA
$414.00Wicked — 01/24/2018
Benedum Center; Pittsburgh, PA